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Amazon Malaysia
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As an fan, I’ve been waiting for a decade for the shopping site to reach these shores. And it’s finally happening. is slated to make a Malaysian entrance in late 2017, opening up millions of local and international products for Malaysian buyers.

Amazon’s entry into Malaysia is aided by iPrice, its exclusive affiliate partner. iPrice is a meta-search website with footing in seven major countries in Southeast Asia.

Sharing similar values and vision for ecommerce in Southeast Asia, the partnership will fast-track Amazon’s entry to the region.

More details regarding the partnership will be revealed at the upcoming AWS Summit on 18 April 2017, at One World Hotel.

For consumers, will mean a selection of millions of local and international products, and have orders delivered within the same day.

Local businesses will benefit greatly from the Amazon brand, and can leverage on Amazon’s rich platform and wide reach.

One of the very first exclusive merchants, surprisingly, is self-proclaimed “Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP.” He will be premiering a new device named Bomoh Search Engine, Full Set. The set is made exclusively for Malaysians, and includes a pair of fresh coconuts, a pair of the “All Seeing Stick,” a wooden basket and a magic carpet. Proudly made-in-Malaysia, the Bomoh Search Engine is compatible with “traditional Bomoh spells” and Harry Potter spells.

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The search engine was recently reviewed by test audiences across Malaysia. Check out the live demonstration by an expert in the East Coast:

I’m excited about, how about you?

Source: iPrice




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