MaGaCon starts its second year with a bang!

MaGaCon’s new logo!

If you don’t know what MaGaCon is by now, go ahead and check them out here. Their site isn’t officially up yet, but from the countdown timer, it will be up soon. MaGaCon(Malaysia Games Convention) is a modern-day funfair where Malaysians gather to meet new people and play hundreds of games from all platforms. MaGaCon is the only games convention that combines the best of both digital (videogames) and analog (tabletop) worlds.

Last year, MaGaCon gave us a huge showcase of games, ranging from Multiplayer LAN games on the PCs, several different games on the Xbox Kinects, miniature table top games such as Warhammer 40k, TCG’s such as Magic the Gathering, board games such as Settlers of Catan, 7kingdoms, Monopoly and many others including some tables for painting and tons of space to try out games, all for a small price of RM 20 for a whole weekend. We had tons of fun and can’t wait for MaGaCon 2!

From the information we gathered, MaGaCon 2 will be held on 3rd-4th November this year in Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Want a new set of LoneWolf Collector edition books? How about a video games bundle or a Sennheiser HD558 (Worth RM799 btw). Help them out by liking their page here.

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Sennheiser’s HD558

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PS: The Newspaper and poster isn’t included in the prize. 🙂

Below is the official facebook post.


Ladies and Gentlemen, once again we have found goodies hidden in dark caves far from the reach of mortal eyes.

Fortunately, in this day and age the guardians are all excited about MaGaCon and parted with their treasure quite willingly.
We at MaGaCon are already satisfied with having the opportunity to entertain you, so we’ve decided to pass on all the goodies we’ve received.

In return, we ask for your aid! Help us reach our goal and we promise to give you more!
Once we reach our first target, a raffle will appear on our website, and entry will only require you to click on it and register through your facebook or email.
Winners will be notified via email and Facebook message.

Raffles are open to all individuals who can visit us to collect. (unfortunately we do not yet own a MaGaCon aircraft to send it anywhere, besides we want to see that
smile on your face)

Tier 1 – 1000 Likes
Set Game Books
Lone Wolf Collector’s Edition 1-5

Tier 2 – 1500
Video Games bundle (any platform – your choice – standard edition, subject to availability)
2 Selected titles of winner’s choice to be announced very soon

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Tier 3 – 2000
Audio Gear – Sennheiser
Sennheiser HD558

Tier 4 – 3000
??? Unidentified

Tier 5 – 4000
??? Unidentified

Again, help them out by liking their page here.


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