Borderlands 2 Trailer is Sexier than Ever

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Borderlands 2 is a definite First Grade Gun-Porn FPS, nuff said. The fateful day for the PC is on 19 September 2012 (21 September for the Worldwide Release). So, save up now!

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Borderlands 2 developer, Gearbox, showed off this all time hilarious trailer with a 60’s soundtrack, unleashed class skills, guns, a little bit of gameplay with mixture of gory humor. Of course, you can expect a singing Claptrap, Psychos tied to pole and strapped with dynamite and more sight of barren wastelands in Pandora. Well, not just wasteland, there are a quite a lot of grasslands, plenty of snow, and Mechas!

Awimaweh~ Awimaweh~

Source Via Destructoid


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