Lotus Exige Cup 430: Lightweight 430bhp, 1,000kg speedster

Lotus Exige Cup 430
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Lotus has unveiled a new addition to the Exige lineup. The guys from Hethel, UK are introducing the new Exige Cup 430, a super lightweight, supercharged speedster with brand’s renowned ride and handling. 

Let’s start with the numbers first. The Cup 430 gets a 3.5L supercharged V6 engine with a total output of 430bhp and 440Nm of torque. The former being a part of the model title. It also comes with a unique water-to-air charge cooler as well as a new Edelbrock supercharger. The numbers above shows a 55bhp increase over the former car, the Cup 380. The car will rocket through a century sprint in just 3.3 seconds before hitting a top speed of 290kmph.

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As for transmission options, there can only be one that suits the Cup 430 the best, and that is a close-speed ratio six speed manual that comes with a transmission cooler, coupled with Lotus’ precision shift aluminium mechanism. Of course, what Lotus is best known for is its weight reduction. The Cup 430 only weighs at 1,059kg which in comparison is lighter than a McLaren 570S Spider.

Moving on, the Cup 430 comes with an enhanced titanium exhaust that gives the V6 a more potent note and saves 10kg of weight as well. The front of the car is fitted with a new ultra light front clam with special carbon fibre ducts, larger radiator openings, front splitter, a curtain mechanism to help reduce drag churned by the front wheels as well as a mesh grille pattern.

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Of course, it’s great to have 407bhp per tonne on tap, but it’s not all about power. It’s also about aerodynamics. The Exige Cup 430’s 220 kg of downforce is developed through the careful management of airflow under and over the car. The new front splitter offers greater downforce (36% increased to 45% compared to Exige 380 Cup) to ensure high-speed turn in.

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Moving on to the rear and you’ll see a new aluminium diffuser, flanked by a huge carbon fibre rear spoiler for better down force. The body sits on a three-way adjustable Nitron damper system tied in by a Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars.

The Cup 430 rides on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubbers (215/45 ZR17 front and 285/30 ZR18 rear) and matched with ultra-light alloy wheels available in either red, black and silver.

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As for the interior, the Cup 430 features a visible-weave, handmade sections and includes a new lightweight carbon fibre binnacle surround. The seats are constructed with Lotus’ bespoke carbon fibre material. As for the doors, it can be wrapped in either tartan or leather. The same concept is followed around the dashboard and centre console trims.

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One of the highlights of the Cup 430 is the Variable Traction Control feature. It can be controlled via a rotary knob and allows five different presets which includes 1%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% and off. This basically allows the percentage of slippage of the car, and the numbers are then shown on the meter cluster. Nonetheless, we suggest “off” for “more fun.”

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Fun price

The price of this monster comes at approximately MYR549,000 when converted from UK pounds sterling (GBP99,800 incl. VAT) and it’s available as a series production car.

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