LG InnoFest 2014 Asia kicks off today

LG InnoFest 2014
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LG Electronics (“LG”) kicked off the third leg of its global InnoFest roadshow in Seoul, South Korea today, 1 April 2014 and as expected, showcased an impressive array of its newest products aimed at the Asian market. The Korean consumer electronics giant impressed hundreds who thronged the show with its diverse line-up of TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and smartphones. This year’s InnoFest roadshow started in Turkey covering the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, followed by InnoFest Europe in Venice, Italy.

Weon-dae Kim, senior vice president and regional head of LG Electronics Asia delivered his opening keynote in the morning saying, “LG expanded LG InnoFest to Asia this year for the first time to show our regional business partners and stakeholders LG’s diverse lineup of consumer-centered products fr 2014.”

TV gets sharper, bigger, curvier

Maker of TVs since the 70s, LG showcased its full lineup of TVs including the award-winning Ultra HD TV range. LG announced an expanded line of Ultra HD TVs – from 49 to 105 inches, also adding two new models – 77- and 65-inch models. LG also showcased the world’s first 77-inch 4K Curved OLED TV and the mind-blowing 105-inch 5K Curved Ultra HD TV.

As seen at CES 2014, webOS is given a new lease of life as the operating system of choice for LG’s latest smart TV line. webOS certainly sets the benchmark in simplicity, fluidity and user-friendliness and in our opinion, the best-looking, and performing smart TV user experience bar none.

Home appliances galore

Like a certain Korean counterpart, LG showcased a barrage of home appliances including top-of-the-line washing machines, cutting-edge refrigerators and intelligent air-conditioners.

The top-loading LG washing machines with Tub Clean+ technology increases water temperature to 60 degrees Celsius to wash dirt and germs from the inside. Also with TurboWash technology, front-load washing machine wash time is reduced to only 59 minutes while TrueSteam removes wrinkled and odors from delicate clothes.

Something not seen anywhere else is LG’s Linear Compressor and Door-in-Door system for its new line of refrigerators, a double-layered system, for enhanced energy efficiency and convenience.

What caught our eye was LG’s proprietary Voice Mate for its air-conditioners, which lets consumers control their air-conditioners via voice. Yes, no remote control. The Deluxe Inverter V smart air-conditioners can also be adjusted to operate under four power consumption options depending on usage preference and conditions.

Smart cleaning solutions such as HOM-BOT SQUARE and KOMPRESSOR RoboSense rounded out LG’s appliance lineup at LG InnoFest Asia.

Knockin’ on mobile’s door

There was plenty of interest for LG’s mobile products, especially its flagship LG G Pro 2 and world’s first curved smartphone – the LG G Flex. Other mobile products included the LG G2 mini, L Series III and the LG’s first wearable fitness device – Lifeband Touch.

LG’s mobile portfolio focused on four main pillars – security, flexibility, big sizes and personalization. With the innovative Knock Code technology built into its new smartphone range, security takes on a new form. Knock Code gives users a possible 86,367 combinations to unlock their phones. Very cool. More on this later.

The much-anticipated, award-winning LG G Pro 2 is everything a flagship device should be, including OIS+ technology that comes with its camera.

The LG G Flex’s curvy form makes plenty of sense when you think about ergonomics when you put the phone to you ear, or using the phone with a single hand. Viewing angle is amazing too when watching video or playing games.

A strong show: “It’s all possible”

Morale is high in the LG camp, and it’s not surprising having observed and experienced first hand, the dazzling array of upcoming products and technologies. We can’t wait to see some of these products, especially the LG G Flex and LG G Pro 2 in the Malaysian market soon.

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