LG Convention 2016 ‘Future of Home’ showcases leading technology in consumer electronics

LG Convention 2016
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At the LG Convention 2016 themed ‘Future of Home’ held in Kuala Lumpur, LG showcased its latest innovations in consumer electronics. Headlining the way was the LG 4K OLED TV, LG TWIN Wash and LG CordZero series.


LG is regarded as a pioneer in OLED display technology. It virtually has no competitors in this segment.

Its 4K OLED TV is cutting edge, offering high dynamic range (HDR), infinite contrast ratio and slimmer form factors. Both the TV and entertainment side are divided in terms of HDR standard adoption. LG is the only brand in the industry to support both the Ultra HD Premium (HDR 10) and Dolby Vision HDR standards.

HDR was a buzzword at CES 2016 this year. It provides an infinite contrast ratio, therefore you get unmatched clarity. You’ll enjoy the black of black and the whitest of white.

OLED technology is a self-lighting pixel technology, where each pixel on an OLED panel can switch on and off independently. This results in crisp, vibrant colours and shadow details, with minimal bleed.

Brilliant, immersive visuals aside, the LG 4K OLED TV looks stunning and chic from any angle. Its built on an elegant stand that comes with an integrated Sound Bar speaker by Harman/Kardon.

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Something I saw last year, the LG twin load washing machine features a world’s first TWIN Wash System. The innovative system lets you wash two loads of laundry at the same time.

The space-efficient mini washer at the bottom reduces cycle time thanks to two wash cycles happening simultaneously via separate compartments.

The TWIN Wash system enables you to separate your laundry – delicates from regular clothes, whites from coloured clothes, etc.

LG’s TWIN Wash was recently named “30 Most Innovative Products of 2016” by leading home magazine – Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Kitchens & Baths.

LG CordZero

LG’s CordZero series comprises Canister, Handstick and Hom-Bot. The CordZero Canister powered by RoboSense makes its debut in Malaysia. It follows users around during cleaning without having to drag a cylinder around its hose.

On the other hand, the Handstick features a built-in lithium-ion battery Dual Power Pack that provides 200W of suction power and continuous cleaning of up to 40 minutes.

The cutting-edge Hom-Bot continues to be a smart, powerful cleaning robot that ensures every corner in your home is spick and span.

The Smart Inverter Motor in the CordZero series delivers efficiency and durability, in a compact size.

CordZero enables you to clean freely from room to room without getting entangled in wires.

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More from LG

The LG Convention 2016 saw other innovations including LG’s SUHD TV, home speakers, award-winning refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers and more. It also previewed the upcoming LG Gram notebook, LG Rolly Keyboard, LG Tone+ portable audio range and curved display.

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