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LG celebrates 10 years of innovation excellence in Malaysia with new portfolio of products

LG celebrates a decade of innovation in Malaysia.


Today marked a major milestone for LG Electronics (LG) as it celebrated a decade of innovation in Malaysia. To celebrate the feat, LG introduced its new 2015 Home Entertainment and Home Appliance products. The Korean consumer electronics giant has introduced some groundbreaking technologies over the years, including the Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machine, HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and the award-winning Curved OLED TV.

David Oh, managing director of LG Malaysia said the introduction of the new innovations is a mark of LG's continuous commitment to enrich the lives of its customers. He took the opportunity to also thank the support of LG's stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of the brand in Malaysia.

LG's new product line-up hasn't just caught the attention of consumers but has also won critical acclaim from esteemed global industry panelists such as VDE and Intertek. At CES 2015, LG won an unprecedented 41 awards, honouring the brand for its cutting-edge innovation and design.

Best display that money can buy

OLED is undoubtedly one of the key groundbreaking innovations in the display segment the past few years. LG has pushed it even further with the world's first Curved OLED TV featuring Perfect Black and Perfect Colour. Thanks to self-lighting pixels of the OLED panel, you get unmatched picture quality, rich colour, contrast, depth and detail.

While it delivers superior, immersive visuals and audio, the LG Curved OLED TV's exterior looks are also stunning. With a minimalist, modernistic design and a ultra-thin frame, the TV is the perfect complement to your living room.

LG 10th Anniversary
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4K Super UHD or bust

IPS display technology hasn't quite gone the way of the dodo. The IPS-based LG Super UHD TV promises Superb Picture, Superfine Design and Superior Sound. It delivers 4K high resolution content, boosted by ColorPrime technology, LG's proprietary colour technology that magnifies the range of colours that can be displayed on screen. ULTRA Luminance technology on the other hand, actively analyses the brightest and darkest parts of displayed content to enhance contrast ratio.

The LG Super HD TV is powered by LG's webOS 2.0 Smart TV platform and housed in an ultra-slim frame with an ultra-thin bezel.

Door to your energy-saving kitchen

The trademark LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator saves up to 41% of energy consumption, complemented by LG's Inverter Linear Compressor. The linear compressor helps to lower noise level, increase durability and lower energy consumption.

The Inverter Linear Compressor was recently recognised by VDE (one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe) for its durability and efficiency.

A key feature is LG Hygiene Fresh technology, an equivalent to an air purifier inside the fridge. What makes it highly effective is the presence of a fan that helps the filter to actively absorb and clean the air within the fridge. With the built-in multi filtration system, up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria that is commonly found inside a fridge can be removed.

Goodbye, prewash

LG's Washing Machine, powered by the famed Inverter Direct Drive Technology, is considered one of the top washers in the world. The unique Inverter Direct Drive attaches the motor directly to the drum, resulting in increased motor stabililty and reduced vibration and noise.

Additionally, LG's washer also comes with a 6 MOtion Direct Drive that enables customised smart washing cycles for a wide variety of fabric.

Another unique feature is the built-in heater that increases water temperature to dissolve detergents and remove stains easily.

Cool, clean and mozzie free

First introduced in India a few years ago, LG's Mosquito Away Air Conditioner is finally in Malaysia. Using an ultrasonic wave with a frequency of between 30kHz - 100kHz to repel mosquitoes, this special feature works even when the air-con unit isn't powered on.

The Mosquito Away feature has won accolades from CE European Conformity, TUV NORD, Intertek and National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Vietnam.

The LG Inverter V air conditioner is equipped with BLDC compressor that boosts performance, and also saves energy. The unit is powered by LG active Energy Control function, where you ca choose your own preferred energy consumption mode.

LG 10th Anniversary
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Go with the Flow

Mobile and wireless multi-room audio is a growing segment which LG is addressing with its LG Music Flow portfolio of products. The system uses Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz) and is Google Cast enabled. The smart Hi-Fi unit can connect with any Google Cast-optimised apps.

With the Music Flow app, you can control individuals speakers in separate rooms to play different or same songs based on your preference.

Send your favourite music from your Android phone/tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows notebook or Chromebook to LG Music Flow speakers and sound bars.

There's easy access to internet streaming and radio apps like Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn too.

LG 10th Anniversary
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Wide for productivity

One of my favourite products from the recent 2015 LG InnoFest in Kota Kinabalu was the 29-inch 21:9 LG UltraWide IPS monitor for the business environment. The display delivers an immersive gaming and movie experience, as well as a highly productive work tool.

The 16:9 ratio is handy for creative professionals and students who need bigger desktop space for work.

Congratulations, LG. Here's to 10 more great years ahead!



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LG brand looks not bad, is that good enough in everything like is that a long lasting brand ??
bcos currently my sis-in-law going to shift to new house with my brother , so me n my sister was planned to buy a home appliance to them something really very useful and can cut cost for them during this time need to buy lots of new things to their new house ..may be like washing machine or fridge , but to very honest I don’t have any single experience buy this all myself at all, I am looking for brand which is the design looks new trend n modern . Any suggestion guys? or else just can go for this LG brand?

I don’t think so..bcos my washing machine just only few years but then quite lot of problem… I’m not sure it caused by myself or the quality of product…
Heard tat beko is quite nice as my friends all are recommend this brand to me

what brand is that beko , bekooo ??
never heard about it before also , if me i will suggest you better go for the brand which well known bcos in future anything easy to get shops to repair n so on …

good idea , but i think almost all the brand is same onlu its just depends on urself wicv brand u r prefer …like me i am using smsng brand ,so far good dont have any problems
its having alots of designs , may be you can have a look in their official page first …

Hi. I think you can select the home appliances of LG brand. LG is one of the most eminent brand in world and the only brand I chosen while I buying home appliances. LG can bring comfort and pleasure to you and your family.

mybe u should try beko brand also..this brand quite known n expanding in our mrket now..last year i bought washing machine,got 12ys wrarnty..quality is trustable coz what i know this brand is top brand in europe country.u can get many product from this brand oso.

thats great infro…12 yrs warranty ..looks like more wrth it to choose a brand wic giving more warranty ..n somemore its overseas brand sure the quality also good right .Thanks for the infor ya ~~ will be check it out in nearest electric shop to get more details abt the brand n hopeful will get one too .

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