Leaked: YES 4G’s exciting Android-powered smartphone

During a post-interview drink session with Gadget Nation’s host Adam Carruthers, fellow blogger Rebecca Saw and several YES 4G team members, YES 4G’s CEO Wing K Lee, popped by to say hi. While I was very happy to see Wing, I was even happier to catch more than a glimpse of YES 4G’s very own Android-powered smartphone when he picked up a call. The product, 10-months in the making, will be in the market real, real soon.

Want details? Read on.

YES 4G Android Smartphone LEAKED
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YES 4G Android Smartphone LEAKED
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I posed many key questions to Wing and had most of them answered. I also got to play around with the sexy device a little bit. In exchange for my hands-on experience, I am not allowed to reveal too much details. Here are some things I know:

  • Powered by a flavour of Android
  • Dual-radio 3G/4G (with SIM slot for 3G)
  • YES Life app/services built-in

Build quality is really good and I really like the rubber feel of the exterior. On the back there is a YES logo etched in silver. First impressions? Looks and feels great. Quizzed about battery life, Wing commented that they were aware of Android’s power-sapping prowess and thus has built from ground up their own power management into the OS. With two radios, it would be an issue (like the HTC EVO 4G). Wing was quick to note that his YES 4G smartphone still had 65% battery life from the day’s use (it was around 7.30pm then). Pretty impressive.

Note that this is YES 4G’s first product, targeted to the mid-range of the market. A higher end phone will likely come after.

YES 4G Android Smartphone LEAKED
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For a YES 4G user like me, the YES 4G smartphone makes absolutely sense, and long overdue too. As you know, with YES 4G’s Value plans, one would accumulate plenty of SMS and Voice credits. With a true blue 4G phone, I will be able to enjoy the full YES 4G experience. I really can’t wait for this to be in the market!

Enjoy the scoop! Watch this space for updates!

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31 replies on “Leaked: YES 4G’s exciting Android-powered smartphone”

Spoke to someone in YES. They refuse to leak anything. All they said was we are going to be blown away. I expect it to come end of year, if not will miss boat for Xmas holidays.

All seems perfect but why 2 radios…the best part is the SMS capturing capacity.

Found Yeslife in Android Market! Tested in Tablet OS and now waiting Yes 4G Android smartphone. I want to grab it, please response asap for the launch date! Yes sales person only feedback this month October! Now already October!!!

I got the chance to hold on this ‘babe’ too a couple of days ago, Feel and looks great and from what i’ve been told :- it’s power by 1Ghz processor and runs on Android 2.2 and the screen size is 4.3″……… and the price would be around RM1500 or lower…..-am I right Mr Chan ?

I would be happy just to get the Yes Life app on my existing Android device. Rubbish that it is only for Apples OS!!!

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