Flexiroam: Get unlimited international roaming calls for free

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Flexiroam CEO Jef Ong
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When was the last time you made a trip overseas, made a couple of voice calls, only to come back to a cardiac-arresting, extortionate phone bill? More than once I’m sure. Personally, some time last year when I was in Bali for 4 days and 3 nights, I received a shocker when I ran up a RM1,000 bill afterwards!

There are really two options if you’re a nomadic executive (or tourist). Bite the bullet, keep your local number and wait for crazy roaming charges; or go to a local 7-Eleven to pick up a pay-as-you-go prepaid SIM.

But wait, hang on. There’s a third alternative. What if I told you that there’s a locally born-and-bred company that can save you hundreds and thousands off your roaming charges and best of all, without changing your existing number?

Well now, you can. With an innovative service called FlexiRoam. For only RM10 per day, FlexiRoam enables users to receive and make unlimited amount of calls to Malaysia without changing to a new international mobile number.

A selected number of fifteen bloggers and I were invited to an introduction to FlexiRoam – described as an unlimited international roaming service, developed by ReapField Technology, a MSC status IT research and development company. Held at the cosy Boston Grill at Solaris Mont Kiara, bloggers had the opportunity to not only learn more about this money-saving service, but also to meet Flexiroam’s marketing and tech team, including CEO Jef Ong.

Jef Ong said in a statement, “FlexiRoam’s mission is to make travellers happy as they deserve to stay connected with friends, family and business counterparts without worrying about exorbitant phone bills that could end up costing more than the low-cost flight ticket they may have bought for their trip.”

FlexiRoam’s service leverages on the GSM network instead of Internet connectivity (3G or WiFi) and is currently available for travellers to 15 countries, including China, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the UK. This service will  expand to over 200 countries over the next few months. Travellers can top-up their FlexiRoam credits at KLIA and LCCT departure halls besides online payment facilities on FlexiRoam’s website. For corporate users, FlexiRoam also offers a RM2.75 per day rate under Corporate Plan.

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The casual event saw the young CEO presenting a keynote and taking bloggers through the background of Flexiroam – features, benefits and also an enticing giveaway for 1,000,000 FREE roaming passes worth RM70 million for everyone! Each free roaming pass allows user to make and receive UNLIMITED international roaming calls for up to seven (7) days when he or she travels overseas.

How it the FREE giveaway works:
FlexiRoam’s website will showcase a featured country for that particular day and users will be able to grab a free roaming pass if they are travelling to the featured country between September 2011 to February 2012.

I will be travelling to New Zealand at the end October, so this comes at the perfect time. Go claim your FREE giveaway now!

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By the way, if you happen to blog? You’ll be chuffed to know that FlexiRoam is also giving away an iPad 2 and other prizes in their contest! Find out how here!  http://t.co/GkPzJwA


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