Lara Croft is 12-15 hours long

And no swimming this time
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This takes me back to the early days of a drowning Lara Croft, no thanks to my poor navigation while swimming through those dark pools. Complete nightmare, I tell you! I was always fascinated by how Lara uses a Medipack while submerged. Absolute magic!

But sorry folks, there will be no swimming in the latest installment of Lara Croft.  Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart mentioned in his Twitter timeline, “Just to be clear Lara hasn’t FORGOTTEN how to swim! We just made the decision NOT to have her swim in this @tombraider#justclearingthatup!”

Yes, now I have one less thing to worry about in Lara Croft. Can’t wait for Tomb Raider to release on March 5, 2013.

 Source: PCGamer
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