kiplePark is back and better, but there’s just one thing…

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Earlier this year in January, kiplePark, a mobile payment solution for parking ended its pilot project, much to the dismay of some users (me included). The good news is, the app is back, and apparently better. There is a catch, though.

But first, a primer. kiplePark is developed by Webonline Dot Com Sdn Bhd, a licensed e-money issuer which also powers Webcash, a growing e-wallet in Malaysia as well an payment platform for e-commerce businesses.

kiplePark lets you pay for parking by scanning a physical parking ticket, then making payment via a mobile e-wallet. The e-wallet can be topped up via internet banking.

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kiplePark email

The pilot project, which ran for several months covered only Menara VSQ at Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, where I work. kiplePark partnered Edisijuta Parking Sdn Bhd, the parking operators for the building.

Earlier today, I received an email from kiplePark which proudly announced, “We’re ready!”

Now that it’s back, is it better? In short, yes.


The app now has a brand new look and feel, and while design is subjective, I’d say it’s definitely better than the pilot version.

The new version adds a couple of new tricks to the bag. Firstly, parking receipts can now be sent via email.


Also, kiplePark now accepts credit cards as a top-up option, expanding from the previous online banking-only option.

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As part of an intro promo, kiplePark is absorbing bank top-up charges of MYR1.06 (inclusive of GST) for any transactions from now until 30 June 2018.

So far so good? Great. Now for the bad news.


My expectation for kiplePark was that it would return, and then made available at more locations. I’m disappointed that locations have not changed, still limited to Menara VSQ at this point.

Granted, it will take some time and effort to get parking operators onboard seeing that there are other existing payment systems out there, but it would have been more than nice.

Still, I’m delighted that the service is back, and I’m confident it can only get better with time.

If you’re around Menara VSQ, download kiplePark for free on Android and iOS.

Just so you know, the old app can no longer be used, so you’ll need to download the new official version.

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  • Mike

    Hey bud, how much were you paid to write this puff piece for Kiple pay?

    This new pay model is a stupid idea. It would be better for every single parking operator in Malaysia to just standardise on one system like a touch & go like in Singapore. I don’t don’t need to have so many E-wallets on my phone.

    With the bloody Kiple parking crap, I end up paying more for my bay just because of a new fangled license plate recognition that doesn’t help me at all. Next time I drive another car in, I have to go to their office to get things sorted out.

    I work at VSQ, too.

    • Vernon

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry I’m wasn’t paid to write this. I’m a customer just like you. I genuinely like KiplePark although I’m hardly at VSq anymore.

      It’s idealistic to have just one parking operator in the country. As you know, we also have like 1000 e-wallets. Yes, it would be nice if let’s say Touch ‘n Go is the single provider but you know how Malaysians will go “monopoly!” And that’s the truth.

      The LPR system is new and they are trialing it. I’m guessing this will be more widespread when the system is solid. They’ve been testing it in Pavilion KL for seasoned Parking if I’m not mistaken.

      Cashless is good. But it’s early days. There’s bound to be hiccups and plenty of players. And that’s just something we will need to get used to. At least until the tech is more pervasive.

      Thanks for your feedback, by the way!

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