You can no longer use kiplePark starting today


I’m sad. kiplePark, a mobile payment solution for parking will no longer be operational, effective 00:00 hours today, 12 January 2018. This marks the end of its pilot project, as stated in an email blast to users.

Webonline Dot Com Sdn Bhd, developers of the kiplePark and kiplePay mobile apps said in the email, “…but this is not the end – it’s merely the beginning!”

The kiplePark app let users pay for their parking by scanning a physical parking ticket, and then making payment via a mobile e-wallet. Each user has a secure e-wallet that can be topped up via internet banking.


The pilot project covered only Menara VSQ, where I work, in a collaboration with Edisijuta Parking Sdn Bhd, parking operators for the building.

Signing up is easy, and the app itself is pretty intuitive and simple to use. To pay for your parking, simply swipe left on the screen and scan the barcode on the parking ticket.

Users then have 20 minutes to exit the parking. Sure beats searching for an autopay machine and queuing up to pay.


While I’m disappointed that I can no longer use kiplePark, let’s hope the team has gained valuable insight to make the platform even better. I’m also hoping it will make an official return with support for more buildings and locations in the near future.

If you’re a user and still have balance in your e-wallet, you can request for a refund from this link. The balance will be credited into your supplied bank account.

For more info, visit Webonline Dot Com

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