Kamus Pro 8: Malaysia’s First Windows 8.1 App Released

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Just short of a year ago, Microsoft launched the biggest update to Windows to date – Windows 8, signalling a new era of “no compromise” computing and a completely re-imagined user experience. Following the release of the major Windows 8.1 update, a slew of Windows 8.1-optimised apps have been released. One of them is Kamus Pro 8, Malaysia’s first Windows 8.1 app available on the Windows Store.

When Windows 8 launched, there were 20,000 apps available. Since then, the Windows developer community has continued to build and increase the breadth of apps on the Windows Store. Numbers are over 120,000 to date.

Kamus Pro 8 is proudly a Malaysian product – a joint effort by Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, the authority of the national language; and a local developer, The Name Technology Sdn Bhd (“TNT”). TNT offers core
products such as Dewan Eja Pro, the leading proofing and reference tool for Malaysian languages.

Kamus Pro 8 is the #1 reference tool for Malaysian languages, including Malay, English and Chinese. It features a full suite of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) dictionaries, including Kamus Dewan, Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan and Daftar Istilah, which consists of 300,000 entries of English-Malay terminology cross reference, compiled from 200+ dictionaries.

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Chiew Ruoh Tau, CTO of The Name Technology Sdn Bhd

“Developing Windows 8 applications has been important, given the significance of the Windows platform to date. Now with Windows 8.1, we have more opportunities available to us, from the creativity point of view. There is a lot to consider building a Live Tiles experience, the Modern UI, as well as making our apps support touch, mouse, keyboard and pen. We are pleased to lead the charge right out of the gate as the first Windows 8.1 app made in Malaysia!” said Ruoh Tau Chiew, Chief Technology Officer for The Name Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Microsoft Malaysia has been actively working to grow the ecosystem of apps and engaging with software developers, designers, SMEs and students to create apps for the platform. Microsoft has also actively supported and sponsored local programs like AppsForAsia, and its own Techdays.

Kamus Pro 8 is available on the Windows Store for US$12.99 (RM40). Kamus Pro 8 is free for Dewan Eja Pro 8 users.


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