Isuzu FD-SI

Isuzu is having a ball at the Tokyo Motor Show. And, they’ve just rolled out a new concept car which is reminiscent of a toaster. I kid you not. 

Isuzu is known for making trucks and people carriers. But as we speak, they are showcasing some of their work in developing a new range of next-generation trucks at the Tokyo Motor Show. Their booth currently houses eight show vehicles and four different powering station systems. But there are two concepts that are rather eye-catching. The Isuzu Elf EV and the FD-SI concept. The latter will be the focus in this post.

At first glance, you might think that the FD-SI is a glorified toaster on wheels. But after taking a closer look at the concept, you’ll be able to notice some of the styling cues which are pretty unique. For starters, you have the honeycomb patterns on the side panels and the large wind screen giving the driver a sense of airiness when driving.

The honeycomb design isn’t merely cosmetic gimmicky. Isuzu says their designers were focusing on the group intelligence of insects and implemented it to the delivery vehicle. Basically, each one of those honeycombs act as a storage compartment which helps aid the drivers when doing deliveries.

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Inside the driver’s cab, the controls for the truck are all centralized towards the driver for better ergonomics. The steering wheel is also retractable to ease ingress and egress while the also giving a comfortable space for the driver.

Isuzu Elf EV

Now for a quick note regarding the Elf EV. Isuzu didn’t go all out with the styling for this truck due to the importance of what lies beneath the skin. A zero-emissions, low-vibration delivery truck with a EV-range of at least 100km. At least that’s what Isuzu says. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and can support fast charging on top of the regular charge methods. The Elf has a 4×2 rear wheel drive setup and comes with an independent suspension in the front as well as a leaf suspension setup in the front.

Catch more Tokyo Motor Show updates here.

Source: Autoblog


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