iPhone. It’s almost here! (well, not here…but close!)

Apple iPhone 2007
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For those who have not pissed in their pants already, the much-hyped, much-debated, much-wanted-and-lusted-for, much talked about mobile phone (and iPod and web browser… you get the drift…) in the whole universe and beyond is ALMOST here. Tomorrow. 6.00pm. United States of America (boohoo!). Apple iPhone. You can almost expect to see mass hysteria, traffic congestion, very happy and very sad people tomorrow.

For poor souls like me, and the rest of Asia and the world, we’ll just drool on our keyboards wondering why we did not migrate to America in 1997 (and bought Apple stock, no doubt) and enjoy the frenzy.

Well, at least we’ve got (lucky) people like David Pogue, reknowned zany columnist and Mac afficiando, to write an honest review – after having the luxury of testing and trying the iPhone for two weeks. The iPhone is flawed but still truly amazing, so says he.


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