Apple iPhone 8 queue

Why are people still queuing up to buy iPhones?

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Every year, people go completely mad in anticipation of the next generation iPhone. Such is the phenomenal devotion Apple gets from its fans. This year, it’s no different. Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 8 (and iPhone X) tonight at 1AM, 13 September (MYT).

The fanaticism is often observed at Apple Stores, where fans queue up for hours, or days to be one of the first to own the new device. I’m sure you’ve seen the massive queues at Apple’s Retail Stores all around the world during iPhone launches. They’re nuts.

Well, this year, one Mazen Kourouche, a 20-year old student has already set up camp at the Apple Store at George St in Sydney, Australia. Because of the time zone difference, he’ll be one of the first people in the world to own the iPhone 8.

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He’s been camped there for 10 days, by the way. Yes, ten.

My counterparts from Soyacincau and TheHypedGeek did the same thing in 2015, where they flew down to Sydney to buy the original Apple Watch.

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Back to Kourouche. Apparently, it isn’t his first time doing this (such is the commitment of an early adopter, and fan). Last year, he was third in line, and in the year before he was in the 100th.

Being an ardent fan, he said he wouldn’t give up his spot even if someone offered him USD50,000.

Currently studying software engineering at the University of New South Wales, he’s also a YouTuber. He says he’s doing it for his fans, and he’ll be recording a live unboxing as soon as he gets his hands on a unit.

Because he needs to attend classes and such, he’s recruited two friends to camp out in shifts, so he doesn’t lose his spot.

Apple iPhone 8 queue

Kourouche isn’t the only of course. There are plenty more like him around the world.

Granted, Apple as well as telcos and retail partners have worked to encourage consumers to place pre-orders online for pickup or delivery. There’s little reason to queue.

But who am I to say. Perhaps queuing up is part of the overall “experience” that people crave.

The 2017 iPhone line-up is expected to be the biggest upgrade in a decade. Details point to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the special edition tenth anniversary iPhone X.

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Pre-orders are rumoured to begin on 15 September, with the official consumer launch to take place on 22 September 2017.

Supplies of the device are anticipated to be “challenging” so perhaps physically queuing up may be the best option to get the device early.

Watch the livestream

The epic launch will happen at the newly-completed Steve Jobs Theatre at 10AM PDT/1AM MYT, 12 September 2017. Catch the livestream at

Source: Daily Mail UK, CNBC via Soyacincau

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