George Chacko, Intel

Intel hosts #GoFaster speed challenge to showcase Intel-powered tablet performance

George Chacko, Intel

Performance matters. Do more. To showcase how much the processor inside your tablet can impact your ability to do more, Intel Malaysia hosted a special Performance Matters event at Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit.

The event featured a range of Intel Atom-powered tablets from Acer and Lenovo. The showcase revealed how Intel mobile devices may help you save more time, help you achieve more everyday. And with Intel, regardless of lifestyle and type of devices, “If it computes and connects, it’s best with Intel.”

At the adrenaline-filled event, George Chacko, Regional Director, Tablet Product Marketing, Intel APAC said, “Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. This, couple d with the rate at which society is downloading information, it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep track of the day-today, let alone achieve more. At Intel, we understand this challenge and we’re working to help consume achieve more in their lives by selecting a device that is as face paced as them. It’s about enabling people to perform at their absolute best. ”

Chacko stressed that getting great performance from a device is determined from the quality of the technology inside. And thus, with Intel, it’s possible to #GoFaster.

With Intel Inside, consumers can expect these advantages:

  • Performance: Whether you’re consuming content, or creating, Intel Atom processor family simply does things faster, better
  • Best for 3D Gaming: Intel HD Graphics delivers top notch graphics performance while enabling sleek, light and quiet tablet form factors
  • Long battery life: Enjoy movies, games longer
  • Amazing visuals: Enjoy crisp, ultra sharp hi-res visuals, up to 4K video playback.
  • 64-bit: Better multi-tasking and quicker overall performance, better energy efficiency
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Chacko touched on current and upcoming Intel Atom portfolio including:


  • Intel Atom Z3000 Series (Bay Trail), quad-core
  • Intel Atom Z3400 Series (Merrifield), dual-core
  • Intel Atom Z3500 Series (Moorefield), quad-core
  • Intel Atom Z3745 Series (Bay Trail Entry), quad-core


  • Intel Atom
  • Cherry Trail, quad-core
  • SoFIA LTE, integrated LTE, quad-core
  • SoFIA 3G, integrated LTE, dual-core
  • SoFIA 3G-R, integrated 3G, quad-core

In June at Computex 2014, I had to opportunity to see, touch and experience devices based on the upcoming processors including the ground-breaking 14nm Broadwell – Intel’s next generation Core processor. Marketed as Intel Core M, this processor is purpose-built for 2-in-1 devices.

Attendees got to see Llama Mountain, a 2-in-1 reference design from Intel, powered by Intel Core M which is just 7.2mm thin and fan-less.

At the show, Intel revealed that there are 130 tablet designs that are either in the market already or arriving this year from OEMs and ODMs.

As 4G LTE deployment grows globally, 4G LTE capability in mobile devices is becoming an essential element. Intel also has communication platforms to meet these demands. Last year, it released the 3G XXMM 6360 and Cat 4 XMM 7160 communication chips. This year, it released the Cat6 LTE Advanced XMM 7260 and XMM7262 chips.

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The Samsung GALAXY Alpha is one of the smartphones in the market to feature the Cat6 LTE Advanced chip.

Early next year, consumers will see budget and value devices based on SoFIA, the first integrated mobile SoC platform built specifically for entry and value smartphones and tablets.

Intel #GoFaster podium winners
Runners-up Asyraf, Winner Chai, George Chacko, 2nd Runners-up Vernon. Image credit: Syefri “Chapree” Zulkefli

Tech media #GoFaster on track

As part of the Performance Matters theme, 20 members of the media had the opportunity to test their driving skills on the Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit. Split into two groups of 10 each, the ‘racers’ were put through their paces in 10 laps of free practice/qualifying, 10 laps of group heats, and 12 laps of Top 10 final race.

After some thrilling action trackside, there was a clear winner and he was Ser Loon Chai from Tech ARP who was outstanding throughout. Yours truly came in a close third.

All in all, a fantastic, fun-filled day.

When life goes fast, #GoFaster with Intel!

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