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As you’re probably aware, the new Malaysian Government has announced that it is zero-rising the unpopular goods and services tax (GST) starting 1 June 2018. The Pakatan Harapan government has pledged to abolish GST within 100 days of the coalition coming into power, as promised in its 14th Malaysian General Election manifesto.

[UPDATED] Full list of Huawei devices eligible for six percent cash back added.

Zero-rating the current six percent rate is a quick fix, but a much welcome one, as the tax has been blamed for the people’s rising living costs since it was implemented in 2015. The previous government earned close to MYR44 billion in revenue from GST last year.

With the zero-rating imminent, Malaysians are expecting prices of goods to drop – whether it is for groceries, dining out, entertainment or even for gadgets.

Not wasting any time, Huawei is throwing in a deal for Malaysian consumers before the zero-rising of GST kicks off in two week’s time.

Why wait, the tech giant asks.

From 18-31 May 2018, Huawei is offering immediate six percent cash back for purchases of selected devices.

It has not released details of which devices are on offer.

[UPDATED] Here’s the full list:

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DevicePrice (RM)Cash back (RM)
HUAWEI Mate RSRM6,999RM396 Cash Back
HUAWEI Mate 9 Porsche DesignRM6,999RM396 Cash Back
HUAWEI P20 ProRM3,299RM187 Cash Back
HUAWEI P20RM2,599RM147 Cash Back
HUAWEI Mate 10 ProRM3,099RM175 Cash Back
HUAWEI Mate 10RM2,299RM130 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova 3eRM1,399RM79 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova 2iRM999RM57 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova 2 liteRM799RM35 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova 2 PlusRM1,699RM96 Cash Back
HUAWEI P10 PlusRM2,399RM136 Cash Back
HUAWEI P10RM2,499RM141 Cash Back
HUAWEI P10 liteRM1,299RM74 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova Lite (Black & Gold)RM699RM40 Cash Back
HUAWEI Nova Lite (Blue)RM749RM42 Cash Back
HUAWEI Mate 9 ProRM3,299RM187 Cash Back
HUAWEI Mate 9RM2,499RM141 Cash Back
HUAWEI Y7 PrimeRM899RM51 Cash Back
HUAWEI Y6 (2018)RM619RM35 Cash Back
HUAWEI Y5 Prime (2018)RM519RM29 Cash Back
HUAWEI T3 7“RM499RM28 Cash Back
HUAWEI M3 liteRM999RM57 Cash Back
HUAWEI Watch 2RM1,999RM113 Cash Back
HUAWEI Watch eSimRM1,999RM113 Cash Back


With GST zero-rised, savings on device purchases can be substantial as you move up the ranks of flagship smartphones. Check out some examples listed on

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Gaya Raya Bersama Huawei

In the spirit of Hari Raya, HUAWEI is also running “Gaya Raya Bersama HUAWEI” Campaign from 18 May – 17 June 2018. Consumers can pick up a HUAWEI device at a lower price with additional freebies and stand a chance to win trips, cash vouchers and exclusive merchandise worth up to RM100,000*. Stand a chance to jet-set on a 4D3N get-away for four to Tokyo Disneyland, Japan and to Club Med Bali, Indonesia. 

*terms and conditions apply



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