Iflix partners Digi to offer subscription through carrier billing with free 1GB of additional data

iflix Digi launch
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iflix, the leading internet TV service in Southeast Asia has inked a partnership with Digi, offering subscribers unlimited access to iflix content, at an ultra-low monthly price. There are additional perks in store for Digi customers, too. Read on.

iflix is Southeast Asia’s answer to Netflix, delivering tens of thousands of hours of movies, TV series, documentaries and cartoons. Launched in Malaysia in May, iflix is also available in the Philippines and Thailand. In this short time, iflix’s subscriber base has grown to 200,000 strong. It offers the largest library of top US, Asian regional and local TV shows and movies available in the region.

iflix Digi launch
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Speaking at the launch, Azran Osman-Rani, iflix Group COO and CEO of iflix Malaysia said, “iflix is committed to providing a world class service that allows Malaysians to access the world’s best TV shows and movies whenever, wherever. Our partnership with Digi allows us to further deliver on this commitment by bringing together two companies with a common vision, and a focus on innovative initiatives designed to create awesome experiences for Malaysians on their mobile devices.”

He added during the media Q&A session, “This partnership gives us access to Digi’s 11 million subscriber base, a great 4G network and a reliable billing system. It’s been great working with Digi — they’re fast, edgy, willing to take chances and they believe; that’s worth its weight in gold.”

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iflix Digi launch
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Christian Thrane, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “For Digi it’s about bringing inspiring content and convenience to customers. Portability and value-for-money is what Digi is all about, and the partnership with iflix is a testimony of that.”

Digi is recognised as one of Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Companies 2014 and now serves over 11 million customers nationwide.

It’s time to binge

If you’re a binge-watcher and a Digi subscriber, then you’ll enjoy this match made in heaven. For just RM10/month or RM8/month for annual subscriptions, prepaid and postpaid Digi customers get access to tens of thousands of hours of content. Customers have the convenience of a seamless payment experience – your iflix subscription is integrated with your mobile bill.

Additionally, you’ll get 60-day access to iflix, for free. If you subscribe to the iflix monthly subscription plan, you will be entitled to extra 1GB internet data quota, dedicated to stream iflix on Digi at no extra charge.

Sign up at iflix.digi.com

iflix allows each subscriber to access the service on up to five devices, two simultaneously. You can use iflix on your Mac, PC, tablet, iOS or Android device.

The hardworking iflix team has been phenomenal in delivering on features customers want. The latest is Chromecast support, where you can now play iflix on TV via a Chromecast. Additionally, more HD content is now available; incorporating multi-language subtitles and better audio quality.

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What can we expect in the coming months? Apple TV support, more great content and Download to Play.

Can’t wait.

Want free 30-day VIP iflix access for free? Watch this space.

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