Huawei relisted as member of SD Association, WiFi Alliance

Huawei P30
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In an about turn, Huawei is now relisted as a member of the SD Association (SDA) and WiFi Alliance—lists it was struck off from in a move to comply with the US trade ban.

Huawei was unceremoniously delisted a few days ago by the SD Association, which is responsible to set memory card standards and promoting SD memory card technologies.

Exclusion from the association would impact future Huawei and Honor devices as an SDA membership is required in order to sell SD card compatible devices. It is unclear why the company has been added back to the list of member companies but it could have something to do with the 90-day temporary general license Huawei was granted by the US Commerce Department. The license temporary scaled back restrictions imposed by the US government on Huawei’s buying US goods in order to help existing customers. The license lasts until 19 August.

SD Association Member List
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Huawei’s and honor’s flagship devices like the P30 series and Honor 20 series currently do not offer microSD storage expansion. However, their mid-range and value devices offer that option.

Huawei introduced the proprietary Nano Memory card format (NM) with the Mate 20 series last year.

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WiFi Alliance member list
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The SDA aside, Huawei was also removed from the membership list by the WiFi Alliance. The Chinese brand was removed to comply with the US government order but “without revoking Huawei Technologies membership.” The company has since been put back on the list.

It’s a temporary reprieve, but the bigger question is what happens after 19 August? As of now, Huawei is still missing on although Google has assured that it will continue to provide the #2 smartphone maker with security and software updates.

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