Xpax CNY 3X data bonus

Huat? Xpax is giving 3X the data this Chinese New Year, up to 45GB

Shopee CNY

Celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with abundance. For a limited time only, Xpax is offering 3X the data for their weekly and monthly internet plans, for up to a whopping 45GB.

For as low as MYR6 per week, you’ll get 1.5GB (usual: 500MB); or it can top 15GB (usual: 5GB) for MYR19 per week.

Monthly plans are where you’ll really benefit, not only from the 3X of data but also additional data for Facebook and Instagram.

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Xpax CNY bonus weekly
Xpax CNY bonus weekly
Xpax CNY bonus monthly
Xpax CNY bonus monthly

For MYR30 per month, you’ll get 15GB of data (usual: 5GB), free 10GB of Instagram data, and free 10GB hi-speed data for Facebook every month.

The sweet spot looks to be MYR50 per month, that gives you ample 30GB of data (usual: 10GB), free 10GB of Instagram data, free 10GB of hi-speed data for Facebook, and free unlimited Music Walla.

Highest up the ranks is MYR79 per month which gives you a whopping 45GB of data (usual: 15GB). Additionally, you’ll receive free 10GB of Instagram data, free 10GB of hi-speed data for Facebook, free unlimited Music Walla and free 15GB of Video Walla.

Note that the free 10GB of Instagram data is valid for a limited time only.

The great thing about the monthly plan is that you’ll be able to carry forward unused basic data with Data Rollover.

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Power up

With a little bit more cash top up, you’ll be able to add awesome extras to your daily, weekly or monthly plans including Late Night Internet, Facebook Walla, Instagram Walla, Video Walla, unlimited Basic Internet and Unlimited Calls.

For instance, for MYR7 per week, you can triple your Late Night Internet quota from 10GB to 30GB. Or subscribe to 30GB of Video Walla (usual: 10GB) for just MYR7 per week.

Refer to the table below for a full range of add-ons.

Xpax CNY bonus Xpax CNY bonus

Sounds great, where’s the catch?

Based on the table below, the 3X bonus data is valid for 2-3 days only, depending on weekly or monthly plans.

For example, the free bonus data is valid for the first three days of your monthly data plan, or two days for the weekly plan.

Xpax CNY bonus

In short, if you purchased the MYR30 per month plan which gives you 15GB in total, you’ll have the lot to enjoy for the first three days. However, on the fourth day onwards, the quota reverts to the standard 5GB.

If you’re aged between 12-25 years old, you’ll also be part of the KAWKAW Squad which gives you an additional 50% more data on top of your base data. For instance, if you’re on the MYR30 monthly plan, you’ll get an additional 2.5GB data on top of your base 5GB.

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The Xpax 3X data promotion runs from 8 February till 30 April 2018. You can subscribe to the various plans and take advantage of the bonus directly from the Xpax mobile app.

For more info, visit Xpax internet plan page.

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  • mindme

    3 days to finish the 3x bonus. whats the point?

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