HTC Spruces up the One X with The HTC One X+

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HTC One X+: With powerful specs and a beautiful design, the HTC One X+ can hold its own with the best smartphones out in the market.

If you were present when the HTC One X was released, you might have been impressed with the smartphone that consistently managed to grab top spots in tech reviewers’ hearts, sharing VIP seating with the Samsung GALAXY S III, the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Fortunately, HTC isn’t resting on its laurels. Probably boosted up by low financial revenues this year, the Taiwanese tech giant has decided to step up its game with its flagship Windows Phones, the 8X and 8S, the upcoming HTC Droid DNA, and the spotlight of this article—the HTC One X+.

Whether you’re a fan of Android or of some other OS, you won’t be able to deny that the One X+ packs a powerful punch and is worthy of some love if you’re looking for a high-end drool-worthy smartphone. And yeah, you can expect to hear comments here and there that this is the phone the One X should have been, but who cares?  One X launched fully packed earlier this year and it managed to satisfy.  The One X+ is an obvious improvement and despite some details that would still induce complaints from endless complainers and perfect perfectionists, it still doesn’t fail to awe.

Simply more
For those who complained about the One X’s “small storage” (it maxes out at 32GB, you’ll be happy to know that the One X+ comes with 64GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, there’s still no microSD card slot on this latest version. But if the memory bump still isn’t enough, HTC also has a special offer of 25GB free Dropbox space for two years.

With all the smartphones jockeying for top sales during the holidays, HTC made sure that the One X+ is a class on its own. Display remains the same with 1280X720 HD resolution on the 4.7-inch S-LCD 2 touchscreen, which is already one of the best displays compared to other smartphones.

Packing a punch
The NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor has now been upgraded to 1.7GHz for both local and international versions, a direct challenge to the Samsung Galaxy S III. To keep up with its added power, HTC also tossed in a 2,100 mAh battery. Apart from the upgraded processor and battery, you’ll now experience the fluidity of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4+.

Given all these upgrades, HTC promises a device that is 67% faster and lasts 50% longer than its precursor. Photo fanatics will also find that the 1.6MP front-facing camera takes clearer and more detailed pictures compared to the 1.3MP snapper on the One X, thanks to a better sensor and improved image-processing capabilities.

Beats better
HTC also threw in a little surprise for audiophiles; you’ll notice that One X+ also has better sound quality than previous HTC phones with Beats Audio. If you’re looking for a phone that has excellent multimedia functionality and can pack the power to double as a business telephone, then this might be the choice for you.

Design that you’ll love, all over again
Design is still similar to the One X, which is a good thing, because we love the One X’s polycarbonate unibody and solid feel. This time though, HTC decided to go with matte rather than glossy, which means it’s also more scuff-mark free.  The camera still protrudes from the back; but this doesn’t seem to be a hindrance.

To match the Beats logo, HTC also ringed the camera ridge with red. The same color accents the phone’s capacitative keys. Overall, you’ll love the design, fit, and feel of the HTC One X+.

Perhaps one of the common questions is how this phone compares to the smartphone darling of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung’s flagship phone has the advantage of having a removable battery and a microSD card slot. Perhaps these are the biggest details you’d want to consider if you’re choosing between the two.

Beautiful, solid, powerful
Would you still want the added flexibility even with the 64GB memory and upgraded battery of the One X+? If it doesn’t matter, then go pick the HTC One X+. It’s a beautiful, solidly built, and powerful device that you won’t regret to have.

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