Hotlink Happy Hour: How about free 1GB data for 1 hour every single day?

Hotlink Happy Hour
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Malaysians’ insatiable appetite for internet data has forced telcos to up offerings in both postpaid and prepaid segments. After taking care of its postpaid customers, Maxis is now switching focus to add even more value to its prepaid service – Hotlink.

Its Hotlink FAST offering received some data bump-ups last year. First, with free-for-life 8GB data on weekends; and subsequently stuffing a 17GB Internet Pass just in time for Christmas.

The good news is, things aren’t stopping there just yet. There’s another cause to celebrate. Maxis calls it “Hotlink Happy Hour.”

No, we don’t need to rush off to the pub. All you need to do is subscribe to a weekly MYR10 plan or a monthly plan of at least MYR30/month. Once you do that, you’ll get 1GB of high-speed data (3G and 4G) that’s valid for 1 hour, free. Every single day.

That’s 30GB of extra high-speed data each month. For most of us, that’s plenty. Possibly too much even. This data can be used between 7AM and 7PM daily, and there’s no limit as to what applications you use it for.

Redeem your free 1GB data by dialing *868# from your phone, or activate it via the Hotlink RED App.

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The baseline Hotlink FAST Pack can be purchased for MYR10. It includes MYR5 credit (valid for 5 days), 300MB internet data (valid for 2 days) and free basic internet. If you’re already a Hotlink customer, you can change to Hotlink FAST via the free Hotlink RED app. Alternatively, dial *100# and upgrade.

For more information, visit the official Hotlink’s Mobile Internet page.

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