Honda builds a 190bhp lawn mower that tops 215kmh

The Mean Mower gets a massive upgrade
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You’ll never look down on lawnmowers again. In 2014, Honda suped up a lawnmower that helped it hit a world-record top speed of 116.47mph (187.44kmh). But the lawnmower that could – appropriately named “Mean Mower” has gotten an upgrade. Hell yeah.
Out goes the previous Honda VTR Super Hawk engine and in comes a CBR1000RR Fireblade, which outputs 190bhp, twice as powerful as the original.

You do know what that means right?

We’re in for another treat.

Meaner, louder, faster

Team Dynamics, who built the fastest mower in the world is back to help boost this one up. Honda will be enlisting up and comer Jessica Hawkins for the next record-breaking attempt.

Check out videos of the previous feat and the teaser for the upcoming endeavour.

Source: HypeBeast

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