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The growth of mobile phones, specifically smartphones in recent years, has paved way for a rich world of mobile apps. Apps not only enrich the smartphone experience, but also extend the functionalities of the mobile phone, once used to merely make calls. Imagine that.

From games to productivity apps, to social networking and photography, there’s just so much for us to consume. Here’s something cool: I’ve stumbled upon a new way to get a complimentary app and further discounted ones on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Like you, I’m among the populace who owns more than three devices. In fact, I’m what you could call a truly multi-platform guy (variety is the spice of life, you know). I use iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows 8 and BlackBerry device on a daily basis.

Now while many apps are free, some good quality apps are not. So having more than a couple of devices can become quite costly when you need to purchase apps. I do support paid apps and I believe you get what you pay for.

Earlier I mentioned that I’ve discovered a way to get an app for free, and subsequently discounted apps.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Here’s how.

CIMB has introduced a new online banking account called Kwik. Kwik is really quite revolutionary – a purely online banking account, without having to deal with physical people at a branch and certainly no queueing. With Kwik, you can make online purchases, pay bills, reload your mobile prepaid credit, or transfer funds. Opening an account is free, with no minimum deposit required. You can open one here.

What’s cool now is that when you sign up for Kwik, CIMB will give you a complimentary app from Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store. Also get 50% off your first 2 apps purchase each month till the end of February.

Caveat: There’s a cap of RM10 for the complimentary app, and maximum of RM10 for app discounts. (still a very good deal!)

I’m downloading Modern Combat 4 ($6.99) for my Android device and for that I’ll get a RM10 rebate. Looking forward to getting 50% off my first 2 apps purchase this month too.

So, do wait, Kwik-ly get a #CIMBKwik account and start downloading apps now!



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  • SyahrulHelmy

    Hi, How Did You Connect CIMB Kwik Account To The Apple Store ?

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