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GoPro Karma gains new tricks with latest firmware


While it’s all about the “hero” product HERO6 Black today (pun intended), GoPro also introduced the new Fusion 360 spherical cam, and an update to its Karma drone. Now compatible with the HERO6, the Karma as you may know, is much more than a drone, which makes it pretty unique. 

It’s a drone when you need it to be. Or it can be a stabilised handheld cam with the Karma Grip. Or mount it on your body if you so wish. Versatility is its strength, and the cool thing is that you get everything in one neat package to get you started in creating great content.

So what’s new about the updated Karma? The company has added two new shooting modes called “Follow” and “Watch”.

“Follow” mode is made possible with GPS tracking–the drone now auto-follows you wherever you go. The key to this is the Karma Controller. The drone will track where the controller is. While it tracks you, the Karma can take still frames of you.

“Watch” is when the drone remains in a hovering mode but keeps the Karma Controller in frame, and rotates to where the controller goes.

Other Karma updates include an expanded Cable-Cam auto shot which gives 10 different waypoints, meaning that you can map out complex paths in advance for the Karma to follow and get better shots.

Also, the gimbal can now “Look Up” allowing the HERO6 to tilt upwards and take a picture of the view above, without showing the drone’s blades.

Firmware unlock

For those of you who own a Karma, you’ll be able to update the new firmware and unlock the newer features. How much do you need to fork out to get one of these bad boys? The Karma retails at USD799.99 (MYR3,381.56).

The Karma is compatible with the new HERO6 Black Edition, HERO5 Black Edition and HERO4 (add-on harness required, sold separately).

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