Google Nexus One Receives No Ice Cream Sandwich Love

Nexus One
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While the Google Nexus S has been seen with Google Android’s next generation OS release – Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has gone on record to shut the doors on their first ever official Google Android smartphone – the Nexus One. The Nexus One was born over a year ago, and marked Google’s foray into the lucrative smartphone market.

I quietly weep as Google has just put a nail on my Nexus One’s coffin. Can’t say I’m not surprised since the Nexus One’s 1Ghz Snapdragon and slowpoke GPU by today’s standards may not translate to the best user experience with ICS. Newer, faster, better hardware is being churned out s rapidly one is absolutely spoilt for choice. All is not lost for Nexus One owners though. With the ever active, lucid hacker community spearheaded by the likes of Cyanogen, we should still see some life yet for the venerable Nexus One.

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So… Cyanogen it is then, when the time comes. Do you own a Nexus One? How are you reacting to the news?

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  • Yogaretnam

    It’s about time Nexus One took a bow and let the bigger better badder Android smartphone take the limelight. Yes Cyanogen 9 will be the answer to many who don’t really fancy buying a new phone yet 🙂

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