Samsung Galaxy S8 Celcom

Own the Galaxy S8 from MYR145/month with Celcom EasyPhone

Samsung’s latest flagship devices–Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ officially made an entrance in Malaysia today. The first telco to ride the S8 wave is Celcom, introducing a device ownership program called EasyPhone.

Alongside Samsung, other local telcos and retail partners, Celcom also offered pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The devices hit stores nationwide on 5 May 2017.

EasyPhone is really an instalment program, or easy payment program if you will. The great thing about it is, you don’t need a credit card. You can take home a Galaxy S8 home for MYR145 per month, or a Galaxy S8+ for MYR165 per month.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Celcom

Note that there’s upfront payment for new customers, while existing Celcom customers with good payment history will have this waived.

You can also opt to add device protection, which covers the device from damage and theft, for an additional MYR30 per month.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Celcom

Here’s the full price list:

  • Galaxy S8 (RRP: MYR3,112.26) – MYR145/month
  • Galaxy S8 with Device Protection – MYR175/month
  • Galaxy S8+ (RRP: MYR3,489.62) – MYR165/month
  • Galaxy S8+ with Device Protection – MYR195/month

As mentioned in a previous post, you can also bundle the devices with Celcom’s FIRST Gold Plus or FIRST Platinum plans.

FIRST Gold Plus gives you 40GB of data (20GB all-day + 20GB weekend) for just MYR98 per month, while FIRST Platinum delivers you a whopping 60GB (30GB all-day + 30GB weekend) for MYR150 per month.

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Plans are based on a 24-month contract.

With bundled plans, naturally the devices cost less, thanks to higher subsidies.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Celcom

As part of the launch, Celcom is having a three-day promotion from 5-7 May. There’s a couple of perks, as a Celcom customer.

Firstly, thanks to a partnership with Uber, you’ll get a free ride to-and-from the nearest Blue Cube outlet. The two rides are worth MYR5 per trip. You’ll also get Priority Lane access at Blue Cube.

Lastly, all buyers will get a mystery box. And if Lady Luck smiles upon you, the mystery box might give you a chance to buy a Galaxy S8 for MYR888.

NewPhone for S8 is coming

And wait, there’s another way to own the Galaxy S8 from Celcom. Under Celcom’s NewPhone program, you can own the Galaxy S8 via monthly instalments, and have the option to upgrade to a new device every 12 months. Yes, it’s inspired by Maxis’ Zerolution program, in case you were wondering. NewPhone kicks of 26 May 2017.

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  • Jaccy

    OMG! I want to buy Samsung Note 8 plus~~ Any recommended telco plan?

    • Jamves kid

      isit worth by purchasing with telco plan? soemtime their interest or extra payment will definetly force us to pay more than ori price !!??

      • Kathy

        Yeap, you will end up paying much more higher if u getting telco plan instead of just buying the phone

      • Jaccy

        but i heard that the price for the phone will be about half from the ori price since you are paying for telco data plan at the same time, seems like purchasing telco plan is better for me

    • May Lee

      Digi..Maxis..Celcom also have
      just you more prefer which telco or price they offer

      • Alvin Alison

        but other telco like no more stock? i recently check Celcom only, they still got stock but now my problem is which plan i should sign for? and 1year or 2 year contract lehhh .. guess 1 year will be better hhaha

  • Kavithasha Kaur

    S8 finally in Malaysia!!! Is the plan offer by Celcom worth to purchase?

    • Alvin Alison

      yes i felt it worth, if u are using rm10+ telco fee each month, u just have to add XX ringgit each month to get that S8 only !

      • Kavithasha Kaur

        i wan to purchase note 8 seems like it is better than s8. Maybe i’ll spend some time to my nearby centre to check on their phone plan

  • joeykoay90

    Plan that are offered by telco is good but u may need to tied up with a contract?there will be no freedom if u wan to change other telco at that time.

    • Jamves kid

      true bro, thats why im still purchase mobile phone only but not with those telco plan, BUT now im getting eco crisis should really consider telco plan HAHAHa

      • Kathy

        But if u choosing telco plan, u will be bind by the contract for at least one year! That is such a really long time!

        • May Lee

          mostly is 24 months la.. but depends la..
          some of them can’t afford too high of commitment..only will buy with telco

  • joey yang

    I know that there are many telco offer good plan recently, anyone knows what is the best plan that samsung s8 as the price is quite high so i need an affordable one.

  • Muhammad Iman

    eh this plan so nice a , no upfront fees and the monthly installment also ok what ~ I am existing celcom user so it makes me entitle la

    • joey yang

      yes now with celcom easyphone plan, everyone can get the latest phone without any burden.

  • yenny chong

    I know that there are many telco offer good plan but the bad thing is u have to tie up by a contract for almost 2 years, u will not be able to switch to other telco if u wish to do it during that time.

  • felix tan

    With the latest launching of Samsung, S8 has become a new transformation of smartphone as many new features have been added. However, due to its price,anyone know better recommendation for this plan?

  • syarifah

    Bayar secara ansuran mmg bagus tapi perlu terikat pada kontrak selama 2 tahun, kloi u mau tukar kepada mana mana telco pada masa tu u tak dpt tukar sbb perlu tunggu sampai kontrak habis.

  • Winson

    this EasyPhone is so nice , so i can choose either Samsung S8 or S8+ without paying upfront fees , it is so nice ~~~~~~~~!!!!

    • Wisby

      One month rm145 is consider overprice though… buy it directly is even cheaper.

  • nurlizamohammad

    Skrg samsung sudah keluar samsung s8 yg terbaharu, i mau tukar kepada tu tapi harganya sgt mahal. Sesiapa tau ada apa-apa pelan daripada pelbagai telco yg lebih berbaloi ?

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