Facebook Launches New Like and Share Buttons. You like?

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Image credit: Facebook

Facebook has released new Like and Share buttons today, featuring its trademark blue, white colours and Helvetica typeface. Facebook said that they’ve already seeing favourable increase in Likes and Shares due to the new design.

Facebook first introduced the Like button to the world in 2010. It seems almost unfathomable that the world’s most recognised and liked (pun intended) button is viewed over 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites. The ubiquitous buttons are important drivers of Facebook traffic, larger than all other social networks combined (sorry Google+, you’ll get there).

Facebook will be rolling out these new buttons to websites in the coming weeks. Nothing needs to be done if you’re currently using the old Like button. It will be upgraded to the new design automatically during the rollout.

What do you think of the new buttons?

Source: Facebook Developer Blog  | TNW

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