Facebook launches Ad Breaks in Malaysia


For publishers and content creators monetising content, especially video, can be challenging. Here’s where Facebook’s Ad Breaks comes in – to help creators monetise their longer-form videos on the leading social media platform. The monetisation programme is now available in Malaysia (in English and Bahasa Malaysia), as part of Facebook’s global expansion to more languages and countries.

Ad Breaks is only available to Pages that publish videos in certain languages and countries. Current supported languages include Arabic, Bengali, English, French, German, Malay, Portugese, Spanish, Tagalog and Thai. For a full list of languages and countries, hit this link.

Check availability and join

If you’re a publisher or creator, you can visit, Creator Studio or your Page Video Insights to join Ad Breaks. If you do not yet meet the eligibility criteria, you can view a graphical representation.

To be eligible, your Page needs to have a minimum of 10,000 followers, and you need 30,000 one-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long, in the last 60 days.

Facebook Ad Breaks
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Oh craps.

Your Page content also needs to meet Facebook’s Monetisation Eligibility Standard. In a nutshell, this standard includes various Facebook policies and terms including compliance with Community Standards, Payment Terms, Page Terms, and Content Guidelines for Monetisation.

Facebook places great emphasis on authenticity and the sharing of authentic content. Creators and publishers may lose eligibility to monetise if they post false news or misinformation, as well as sharing clickbait or sensationalised content.

On the contrary, if you qualify for Ad Breaks, you can onboard and start inserting placement for ads in your videos. Facebook is rolling out the ability for Pages to bulk upload large numbers of videos to help creators easily beef up their video presence and quickly start to earn money from their back catalogue.

Best practices for success

Facebook’s eligibility standards provide basic guidelines to ensure you’re on the right path to make money with Ad Breaks. That said, there are best practices that can ensure success.

People love great stories, so create engaging content. For example, a magician on Workpoint’s Thailand’s Got Talent captivated the audience and was able to attract 51 percent of the three million viewers to continue watching past the one-minute mark. What’s interesting is that 94 percent of viewers completed the ad view to continue watching the show.

Next is to create longer content. Pasquale Sciarappa shares 10-minute plus videos of him cooking his favourite Italian recipes, to his followers. His thematic content keeps the audience coming back for more.

By building a loyal audience or fan base, videos are more likely to get monetised. A good example is this hilarious video from All Def, which proves that viewers tend to seek out content they love. Nearly 70 percent sought this video in places like Watchlist and Search.

Lastly, engage with your community. Jay Shetty creates deeply meaningful content for his community with wisdom to help people on their life journeys. One of his videos inspired more than 80 percent of viewers who reached the Ad Break to watch it through. This is higher than the 70 percent Ad Breaks program-wide average.

Are you a video content creator or publisher? Visit to learn more and join.

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