Electronic Arts Wins The Golden Poo Award 2012

The Consumerist - Worst Company in America 2012
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With over 250,000 votes, Electronic Arts wins the Golden Poo Award 2012! Congratulations EA, I guess Bank of America will have to try again next year! If you are not sure what the Golden Poo Award is, it is the award for the Worst Company in America, held annually by vote at “The Consumerist” website.

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Electronic Arts - 2012 Golden Poo Winner
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Electronic Arts - 2012 Golden Poo Winner. Image source: The Consumerist

Now the question is, how did a video games company overcome a bank that destroyed livelihoods of countless of citizens and nearly toppled the world’s economy? While many are puzzled by this, I’m not surprised as banks tend to be… well, banks. Besides that, people outside America who aren’t familiar with BofA, have likely touched an EA game before – sorry to say, I’m sure they voted for EA. Better luck next year BofA!

This also shows how powerful a video game can impact a voting process – now, if only they voted for something more useful, like a new world order. This isn’t the first time a game has affected a rating/voting process, if only we Malaysians were that enthusiastic when voting for a government.

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