Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings Coming 19 June 2012


Prepare for the soul-sucking-addictive Sid Meier’s Expansion!

Civilization 5: Gods & Kings
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New Expansion

As mortals, we now have a chance to play God. Civilization fans listen up! In this juicy expansion, expect more frightening techs, unique units, monumental buildings, Epic Wonders and more addictive Civilizations for you to explore.

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Now fans everywhere will have the sensation of saying “Just 4 more turns before I get ELECTRICITY to turn the MAYANS into ASHES in 2057! Muahahahaha.”  Good job, 2K Games.

Community Manager, Greg Leabs reveals brand new game elements in this expansion that will change the way gamers choose to conquer the world. Best part is, he laid it out for us.

Yay! More PYRAMIDS to be built! Dear Future Gods and Kings, your new expansion will bestow you, 27 new units, 13 new buildings, 9 new wonders, and 9 new playable civilizations. Among the new civilizations are the Netherlands (William I, Prince of Orange), the Celts (Boudicca), and the Mayans (Pacal the Great).

In The Name of God, We will…  First step, find your own religion. Second step, there will be a new resource called “Faith”, collect it and manifest its power. Third step, customize your own religion with new found power. Fourth, conquer the world.

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A ship without guns? That’s new. The Combat system has been reworked along with an AI that emphasizes more on balanced army compositions. Melee naval units have been added to the game, forcing players to rethink their strategies and executions.
My name is Bond, Johnny English Bond.  Meddle with your rivals by establishing embassies and hire spies to steal advanced techs, expose foreign civilizations and turn a city to your favor with your deceitful yet cunning schemes.

What? You have been conquered by the Vatican! City states are now segmented further. Religious-holy-city states allows you to interact with your religion through special ways, where as treasury-money-city states are for people who like green bags and more zeroes in your paycheck! City states are now more unpredictable, dynamic and diplomatic victories are more challenging with the newly introduced expanded quest system. Gold is now less influential when dealing with city states.

What would the Romans do? Three new scenarios will be introduced to this new expansion, the Fall of the Romans, a conquest in the medieval period with knights and paladins and a Victorian science-fiction setting, in other words, steampunk?

P.S: I am a mere mortal, I cannot resist the temptations offered by the divines creators. This game is simply too irresistible for little old me to resist.

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“Just four more turns to complete my space mission! “
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