EA Announces Demo of Dead Space 3 for Consoles, to Release January 2013

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Dead Space 3 DEMO is coming… Are you ready for it?

Hands itchy to get a taste of Dead Space 3? Well if you have a console at home, then you’re in luck!

Electronic Arts (EA) recently announced that the demo of Dead Space 3 will be officially released for downloads on PS3 and Xbox360 on January 22,2013.

The demo allows you to play in co-op mode as engineer Issac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver on the ice planet of Tau Volantis. Yup, you can bet that tons of Necromorphs are there for you to fry and slice.

Xbox360 owners, however, will get a taste of it a week earlier, courtesy of EA. You have to sign-up at this website before January 14, 2013: DEMO DOWNLOAD

Dead Space 3 will officially launch on the first week of February 2013, which will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

So, are you ready for what lies on Tau Volantis?

P/S: Beware The Marker! No, not the marker pen! ~Moses

Source: Examiner.com


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  • piggy697

    so what the marker?

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    If i have a Xbox sure i will play this, haha!

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    hahaha good

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