[Announcement] Garena Carnival 2013 Blackshot and HoN Winners List

The Garena Carnival ended with a bang. Well, good events sure finish fast when you are having fun. Here are the winners list for Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and Blackshot. Once again, congratulations to all the winners that have won the competition in the Carnival. Thank you, Garena ! For full coverage of the event, please click here.
The Malaysia HoN National Championship Final 2012
Wow! RM 300,000
Wow! RM 300,000 – Orange Esports largest win yet.

Champion: Orange Esports

  • MrGhost
  • Shuiyu
  • XXF_
  • wangwang_
  • _dabeliuteef
HoN 1st Runner Up PORT
RM 30,000! Now that’s something.

1st Runner Up: HoNPortal Malaysia

  • `Perfection
  • ZergRush
  • SpazMo`
  • DevilBl00D
  • SpikyMelon
  • MizziMarru
HoN 2nd Runner Up MuFC (1)
Congratulations MuFC. Here’s your RM 10,000

2nd Runner Up: 20XX. Invasion MuFc Ttesport

  • Nick_Oks`
  • `kiDDo
  • c2p“
  • wiNddddz`
  • CeeWhy
Blackshot National League Grand Final
Date : 5 January 2013
They won RM 50,000. Just like that.
They won RM 50,000. Just like that.
Champion  – ATTP

  • PeaceReTuRnZ
  • Wudification
  • xDrew
  • xxAbeL
  • Wannab33
RM 5,000. How do you like that?
RM 5,000. I wonder what they’ll spend on.
1st Runner Up – ATTP.X
  • VinIsBack
  • SawZhexi
  • ZechIsBack
  • BlackSheepX
  • [L]yc3n-
Congratulations Lithara! See you next year again.
Congratulations Lithara! Better luck next year!
2nd Runner Up – Lithara
  • Litchiray
  • mooooos
  • LarcEnCieLL
  • [Ghost]CreW**
  • azizilah

Got your nick or name wrong? Write in to us and we’ll correct it immediately! Stay tuned for more!


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