Beautiful Dilireba is the official OPPO F5 ambassador

Dilireba OPPO F5
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The secret’s out. OPPO has revealed the official ambassador for its upcoming OPPO F5 smartphone. Did you guess right?

With the emminent launch of the OPPO F5, the China smartphonemaker has released the confirmed list of ambassadors for the new selfie expert.


So now, it is confirmed that China’s popular actress, Dilireba (Dilreba Dilmurat) has been appointed the official ambassador for the OPPO F5. She probably needs no introduction, but here it goes anyway. The beautiful actress is of Uyghur ethnicity, hence the exotic name. She made her acting debut in the television drama “Anarhan” in 2013.

Her rise in popularity begun with popular xianxia drama “Sword of Legends.” She then co-starred with Gao Wen in “Diamond Lover”, in which she won the “Audience Favourite Newcomer” award at the 7th China Drama Awards.

In 2016, she picked up the “Best New Actress” award at the first China Britain Film Festival, for her role in “Mr Pride & Miss Prejudice.” She recently starred in a fantasy romance drama “Eternal Love” which gained explosive popularity in China and overseas. Dilireba was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” at the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival for her role in the drama.

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Many are impressed by her versatility and optimistic character which helps her to adapt to different characters. The OPPO F5 camera phone is all about being young at heart and pursuing perfection, and that itself reflects Dilireba’s personality and character.

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But OPPO isn’t quite done yet. What’s better than one celebrity? A whole group of celebrities, of course. Joining Dilireba, OPPO Malaysia has recruited new selfie icons for the OPPO F5. The two icons are Yoga Lin and Eric Chou–both popular Taiwanese singers, now part of the OPPO F5 Celebrity Squad.

Who’s else is in the group you ask? Well, there is the famous Fattah Amin, Neelofa, Ayda Jebat and last but certainly not least, Min Chen.

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Are you excited to witness the cheerful, fun and fresh celebrity group in collaboration with the new OPPO F5? Stay tuned for the 2 November launch.

Source: OPPO Malaysia

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