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Digi Postpaid Start
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Digi today announced its newly uprated Digi Postpaid Start—its entry-level Digi Postpaid 38 and 58 plans with upgraded data quotas, automatic built-in savings with daily and loyalty data bonuses. Digi Postpaid Start customers stand to receive free data every day with the newly-introduced Internet Bonus 365, which incidentally, will also benefit its higher-rung Digi Postpaid 80, 120, 160, and 190 customers.

For Digi Postpaid 38 and 58 plans, customers will receive free monthly data of 7.5GB (250MB daily) and 15GB (500MB daily), respectively. This is automatic and does not require any action from the customer.

That aside, Digi is also rewarding customers who stay with the telco. Its tenure-based reward initiative—Digi Loyalty Bonus—see eligible customers receiving additional monthly quota every six months on top of their base monthly internet quota. This is capped at four times per year and up to two years tenure; a lifetime reward for customers who stay on the same plan or upgrade to a higher plan. Depending on which plan you subscribe to and how long you’ve been with the telco, you stand to receive up to 50GB of internet data.

The new Digi Postpaid 58 plan gives you 15GB of all-day internet, unlimited calls, and the ability to rollover 1GB of unused data per month. This will also include free 15GB Internet Bonus 365 data that is split evenly across 30 days (500MB per day).

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To compare, the previous Digi Postpaid 58 plan offered 10GB of all-day internet data and a limited-time 5GB welcome bonus.

On the other hand, the new Digi Postpaid 38 plan gives you 9GB of all-day internet, and unlimited calls, with free 7.5GB Internet Bonus 365 (250MB per day).

Video calls and SMS are charged at 15sen and 10sen, respectively.

If it is all a little confusing, well, it is. Let me give you an example. I am subscribed to the old Digi Postpaid 58 plan, having ported from U Mobile in February. Hence, I’ve been a Digi postpaid customer for six months.

This is the breakdown of data I receive in a month:

10GB base data + 5GB DP 58 Loyalty Bonus + 10GB Monthly YouTube data + 1GB rollover quota + 5GB monthly DP 58 bonus

Starting next month, I should be getting 15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 365 + 5GB Loyalty Bonus for a total of 35GB.

The quota upgrades and Internet Bonus 365 for Digi Postpaid Plans will automatically be granted to customer by 21 August 2020.

If you find you’re hitting data limits, Digi is also offering 1GB high-speed internet passes for only MYR1 starting from 30 July 2020. Learn more about Digi Postpaid Start here.

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