Digi PhoneFreedom 365 now for everyone

Digi PhoneFreedom 365
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Digi’s smart phone ownership plan—PhoneFreedom 365—is now open to all; that means new registrations, port-ins as well as existing customers. The ownership plan lets you own a device without the hassle of shelling out upfront payment and interest charges.

With Digi PhoneFreedom 365, you get the chance to own the latest smartphones including the just-launched Huawei P30 Pro for only MYR122 a month with Digi Postpaid 120. This plan comes with 80GB of internet data, unlimited calls to all networks (at home and abroad), free 5GB of roaming internet with 60 minutes of roaming calls and 60 minutes of IDD calls to 10 countries. Each purchase of the P30 Pro will come with exciting gifts worth up to MYR400.

If you prefer the Huawei P30, you can pick one up for just MYR8 with a Digi Postpaid 190 plan which gives you 200GB of all-day data, unlimited calls to all networks, free roaming calls and IDD calls across 10 countries, additional 5GB of internet roaming data, 60 mins of roaming voice calls and 60 mins of IDD voice calls.

Digi PhoneFreedom 365
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Digi is also offering complimentary worry-free phone protection by Digi Shield for the top tier Digi Postpaid 190 plan. This includes coverage from accidental damage, free repairs, borderless protection and easy claims.

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Other available flagship phones include the Galaxy S10+ from MYR97 per month or the iPhone X from MYR143 per month. There’s also a wide range of iPhones and Android smartphones to choose from.

The cool thing about Digi PhoneFreedom 365 is that you’ll have the option to swap to a newer device from the 18th month onwards of your current contract without any additional upgrade fee. Upgrade eligibility is subject to the device’s upgrade tier.

A couple of things to note: the MYR0 upfront payment offer is available only for eligible customers. If you’re porting in, you’ll need to provide your last three months bill which exceeds MYR80 with a credit card auto-billing subscription. Otherwise, a device advance payment is required upon sign up.

For more information, visit Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365 page.

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