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It’s time to put that creativity to good use, people. LINE has announced its LINE Creators Market – where you can design and sell your own LINE themes. The service is set to go live in late April 2016.

In essence, anyone who has a LINE account (individual or enterprise) can create and sell LINE themes. Like any app store, it will go through a review process before it is made available to LINE users the world over.

Themes can be downloaded or purchased at LINE’s app theme shop and the LINE Store.

In general, prices of themes vary but you, as the creator, can set it at 150 LINE Coins (approx. MYR12.24), 200 LINE Coins (approx. MYR16.33) or 250 LINE Coins (approx. MYR20.42).

As a creator, you get to keep 35% of total sales, after handling fees are paid to the App Store and Google Play.

Creators’ themes can be photos or illustrations, and for those who have already created stickers, you’ll be able to leverage your characters into themes. The only limit is your imagination.

So get your creative juices flowing. Do read the official creation and review guidelines for creators’ themes on the LINE Creators Market official site. Just to make sure you’re on the right track.

Theme submissions for review are expected to commence on 15 April 2016. Subsequently, sale of approved themes are expected to kick-off in late April.

Happy theme-ing.



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