[CES 2014] Sensitive “JUNE” Bracelet Measures Daily Sun Exposure

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One intriguing wearable product showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the elegant-looking, sun-sensitive “JUNE” bracelet from Netatmo. The bracelet measures sun intensity and monitors users’ total daily sun exposure.

With the accompanying app, JUNE gives you tailor-made sun protection advice based on your lifestyle and skin type. JUNE analyses data and sends you notifications on when you need to apply SPF, wear a hat or shades.


JUNE is designed like a diamond, and can be worn as a bracelet or a brooch. Available in 3 colours: platinum, gold or gunmetal.

JUNE will be available in the second quarter of 2014 in select fashion, beauty and consumer electronics stores. The suggested retail price is US$99.The JUNE App will be available for free download and will be compatible for iPhone 4S and above.

Netatmo was awarded 3 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in 2014, 2 of which were for JUNE, which won in the “Wearable Technologies” and the “Tech for a Better World” categories. This follows Netatmo’s 2013 winning streak where the brand also received 3 CES awards for its Thermostat for iPhone app designed by Philippe Starck.

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