[CES 2012] BlackBerry 7.1 OS and New App Updates Released


Inside BlackBerry: The Official BlackBerry Blog has announced the launch of the new BlackBerry 7.1 OS. The update will begin rolling out from carriers around the world beginning today and over the coming weeks. Last I checked, no luck for Malaysian BlackBerry users yet. RIM also updated a slew of other apps including BBM, BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Travel.

Read on for details.

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Some of the new features the 7.1 OS update is bringing to users:

  • Mobile Hotspot: BB users needn’t be envious of iOS and Android counterpart any longer. Turn your BlackBerry 7.1 OS device into a Wi-Fi router anywhere, anytime. Supports up to five Wi-Fi devices, including laptops and tablets.
  • Universal Search: Universal Search now has a new auto-suggest feature that intelligently filters Bing search results to offer you a variety of relevant Web sites based on your search terms.
  • BlackBerry Tag: Share contacts, media and files, and invite friends to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) through a simple touch. BlackBerry Tag unlocks near field communication (NFC) capabilities makes sharing a lot faster and more personal.
  • Wi-Fi Calling (where available): Make Wi-Fi calls using your carrier’s Wi-Fi calling service (aka UMA-lite or GAN-lite). Wi-Fi calling allows you to save your talk time minutes and make phone calls over any Wi-Fi network. (Not all carriers offer such a service).
  • FM Radio: Brings FM radio to BlackBerry Curve 9360 and 9380 smartphone users. Simply plug in your headset to boost the reception (it acts as the antenna). No data usage or data plan required.
  • BlackBerry® Maps: Discover special offers, coupons and discounts from nearby vendors – act instantly by calling about the deal, finding the best route to get there, or grabbing the coupon code.
BlackBerry 7.1 OS Maps
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Source: Inside BlackBerry blog

Other app updates:

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BBM is now 6.1
The new BBM update brings BlackBerry Tag integration where you can invite a friend to BBM by simply tapping your NFC enabled BlackBerry smartphones against each other. RIM has also added more ways to personalize your messages and your profile. BBM 6.1 is now officially out of beta.

BlackBerry Travel
The updated BlackBerry Travel app virtually plans your trips for you, from airport pick up and drop off to accommodations and scheduling. Find deals on hotel and car rental options, or arrange for limo service to and from an airport. The BlackBerry Travel app will quickly notify you if your flight is delayed or cancelled, and that it can help you find a new flight right away.

BlackBerry Traffic
The updated app now provides you with turn-by-turn voice guidance so figuring out how to get there is easy and hands free.

For those of attending this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012), visit the BlackBerry booth (South Hall 3 Booth # 30326) to see these new updates and more firsthand!

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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