Celcom MEGA UNLIMITED plan lets you trade unused internet quota for cashback

Celcom is again selling the “unlimited” proposition, this time with a brand new postpaid plan aptly named Celcom MEGA UNLIMITED. With the new plan, the telco wants you to enjoy an unlimited internet experience and ultimate flexibility. The new Celcom Mega Unlimited plan starts at a base MYR80 per month and comes with 30GB of data quota and unlimited calls to all networks.

This new plan is clearly targeted at two distinct camps of consumers: one who craves fast speeds and the other, unlimited quota.

Like its Xpax Lite product, its cheapest plan, you first subscribe to a base plan then add-on various internet passes based on your requirements.

Here, you have the choice of Unlimited Mobile Internet Quota or Lightning Mobile Internet passes.

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Made for the data hungry

Drilling down further, the Unlimited Mobile Internet package offers two add-on options: Mega Unlimited M (MYR18) and Mega Unlimited L (MYR68).

Mega Unlimited M  gives you unlimited HD-quality streaming, social media and music for a total of MYR98 per month (MYR80 base plan + MYR18 pass). You’ll also receive 5GB of free monthly hotspot data.

Meanwhile, Mega Unlimited L offers you unlimited FHD-quality streaming, gaming, content creation, and high-quality music streaming for a total of MYR148 per month (MYR80 base plan + MYR68 pass). Included with the pass is also 10GB of free monthly hotspot data.

Exclusively for speedsters

If you’re a speed freak then the Lightning Mobile Internet Speed passes will give you three options: Mega M (10GB data @ MYR18), Mega L (30GB data @ MYR68), and Mega XL (70GB data @ MYR108).

Trade-in Internet data

A unique perk of the Lightning Mobile Internet Speed pass (XL, L, M) is that you can trade-in unused data (capped at 10GB) at the end of each billing cycle in exchange for MYR5 in cashback, credited into the Boost eWallet. This is not a permanent feature and according to the official FAQ, Celcom is offering this for a limited time only. You must have a minimum of 500MB balance of internet data after the trade-in to avoid your connection being throttled immediately. You can only trade-in your unused quota once per bill cycle.

International roaming

The Mega plan allows you to use your local internet quota when you’re travelling abroad within 12 selected countries. You must have an L or M Pass subscribed. Roam Like Home add-ons start from MYR88 for a 3 Day 3-in-1 Pass, up to MYR138 for a 7 Day 3-in-1 Pass. There’s also a single day 1-Day Internet Pass called Celcom Passport that costs MYR38.

However, if you’re subscribed to the highest XL pass with the Mega plan, then you’ll enjoy free roaming within the 12 selected countries. That’s not all, you’ll also enjoy unlimited calls and SMS for free. Note that there’s a maximum cap of 100GB of local internet quota per bill cycle.

The 12 countries covered under free roaming are: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Family sharing

Sharing is caring, as they say. With the new Mega postpaid plan, you can add supplementary lines (Family Line) to your subscription (up to three lines). Each Family Line will enjoy 15GB of data per line as well as unlimited calls to all networks. SMS goes at a rate of MYR0.20 per SMS. Each Family Line costs MYR40 per month.

You can opt to share your internet quota with your Family Line members by subscribing to the Internetshare add-on at MYR per month. Note that this is only available for Mega XL, Mega L, Mega M and Mega plans customers.

Even more add-ons

If you find these options limited, there’s more. You can add Ultra Hour Passes, Unlimited Social passes and even Video Walla, Music Walla, or Games Walla. It’s an exhaustive list.

Yes, the new postpaid plan is certainly living up to its “Mega Unlimited” namesake.

For more information on Celcom MEGA Unlimited, visit Celcom.

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