XP Lite is Celcom Xpax’s cheapest postpaid plan

For just MYR28 with Size Up options
Celcom Xpax XP Lite
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Celcom Xpax today announced its latest postpaid plan for the budget-conscious and bargain hunters. The affordable new plan, XP Lite, will be available starting tomorrow, 19 September.

At only MYR28 per month, you will immediately enjoy unlimited calls and 1GB of high-speed internet per month. From there, you can “Size Up” via various internet passes: the L Pass will give you an extra 14GB of data at MYR30; the M Pass an extra 7GB at MYR10 a month. 

For added flexibility, you can also enjoy unlimited internet with the Ultra Hour Pass from MYR1 together with the L Pass or M Pass via the Celcom Life app.

Loyal customers who stay on with XP Lite for six months continuously with either the L Pass or M Pass will be rewarded with an additional free 1-hour of unlimited interenet every day with Ultra Hour Pass, as well as 1GB Video Walla respectively, from the 7th month onwards.

Additionally, customers on XP Lite with L Pass will be able to take home a free OPPO A1K smartphone, while stocks last. Alternatively, they can opt for smartphones such as the nubia Red Magic 3, vivo Y17,  vivo Y19C, and OPPO A5, from as low as MYR99.

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In conjunction with the launch of the new plan, Celcom Xpax has collaborated with selected F&B partners to offer any customer, a free Size Up on their orders, every Thursday fortnightly, starting from 3 October to 28 November 2019.

Check out which F&B brands are offering free Size Up offers on Celcom Xpax’s Facebook page.

For power users, Celcom Xpax still offers its XP50 and XP60 postpaid plans that cost MYR50 and MYR60 per month respectively.

For more information, visit www.celcom.com.my/xpaxpostpaid

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  • Lee Jia

    Free unlimited internet daily but for one hour only. People keeps misunderstood this one hour but still can add more hours by usng ultra hour pass. RM2 can get 3 hours already.

  • CikBedah

    M Pass will be rewarded with an additional 1GB Video Walla after 6 months. Worth to pair since need to add RM10 only.

    • Fidriz

      Need to wait for 6 months only will be rewarded additional 1G data, and still got restricted for only video, dont think the M pass is a good plan tho

    • Gook Suni

      Some people only using less data like M pass when got wifi at home. But M pass worth it to pair as get free 3gb video walla.

    • TunSiti

      M pass is cheap since need to add RM10 only for 4gb. So, total gb would be 7gb yey even for video walla but video walla includes iflix, viu and many more.

    • Fidriz

      the data usage is restricted and not flexible, so you mean we need to pay for wifi and also mobile plan, why dont we just take one plan with unlimited data, so that it is more worth it

    • Janet

      Some people maybe no need L pass, M pass enough already, thats why this plan is flexible and data not restricted since 3gb video walla is free when pairing pass.

  • Hatyai

    Size Up via various internet passes tempt me the most as the L Pass will give an extra 14GB of data at MYR30 and M Pass an extra 7GB at MYR10 a month

    • Calvin

      RM30 for 14gb is damn cheap when still get free unlimited internet daily for one hour. Surely, none of other telcos offer this kind of flexible plan like xp lite.

    • Fidriz

      Not really, Umobile GX-50 have unlimited data usage, unlimited data for only 1 hour is not sufficient at all, not even enough for 1 movie

    • Jani Mohd

      Got one hour but still can add more hours by using ultra hour pass. can binge watching movies for RM1 for one hour.

    • Fidriz

      watching movie consumed a lot of data, plus only 1 hour, it is not sufficient to finish one movie

    • Ming

      basic plan cost rm28 with 1GB, so we r actually forced to upgrade it. plus compare with other telco plan, the basic plan contain even lesser data quota than their prepaid plan

    • James

      Depends tho, not everyone need to use so much data so 1GB is enough for them.

    • James

      I myself dont use so much data so only need to topop for M pass then already enough to use for the whole month.

    • Aliff Am

      Me too.But i prefer L pass since got free unlimited internet daily at RM58 monthly. Thats still within my budget.


    Although its cheap but still sometimes the line was really so terrible and not stable, I cant even use it to refresh Facebook and Youtube even it shows 4G signal, and it always out of signal. I am considering changing another telco which have more stable connection and larger coverage.

    • Muthu a/l Ganesh

      I think celcom got more stable line coverage compare to umobile and Maxis. Besides, got free unlimited internet daily for one hour for xp lite L pass.

    • Haris Helmi

      if using xp lite and pair with diff pass, bill will not fixed for monthly payment bcoz each pass M or L got diff price according to data provided.

    • Asfaq Lee

      Some months just pay RM38 only and other months RM58. So flexible just pair to which pass that we need depends on our budget and gb.

    • Adibah

      Yup, so no need to spend more money to subscribe and stay for expensive plan just to get more data but using less data for certain months. xpax lite quite flexible when can pair to which pass whenever suit our needs.

    • James

      Is it? No problem with me using Xpax at all hmm, maybe can try ask the service provider if got any problem.

  • Fahmi

    wow so cheap!

    • Shima Nor

      I know right. Previously, im using umobile unlimited data plan but line so bad and still have to pay expensive even i didnt finish using monthly data. celcom xp lite damn cool as just add on pass in order to get more data.

  • piah


    • Vernon


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