Cartrack showcases INTEGRATE Electronic Monitoring Services (EMS) solution targeted at law enforcement

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Consumers may not have heard of Cartrack, the leading global provider of fleet management solutions, insurance telematics and vehicle tracking and recovery. The South African company recently introduced INTEGRATE, an end-to-end managed Electronic Monitoring Services (EMS) solution at INTERPOL WORLD 2015 in Singapore.

In a nutshell, Cartrack collects raw data from telematics devices installed in vehicles, making sense of the data and transforming it into intelligent management reports. These reports allow businesses to maximise operational efficiencies of their resources, translating to better savings and competitive advantages.

So what's a fleet management solutions company doing at INTERPOL WORLD you ask?

INTEGRATE is an end-to-end managed Electronic Monitoring Services (EMS) solution developed by Cartrack's own experienced and leading R&D team.

The EMS allows law enforcement agencies to effectively monitors person-of-interests such as offenders on extended supervision, parole, home detention and community detention. The system can also be used to monitor prison inmates going through halfway care and are in the process of reintegrating into society.

INTEGRATE runs on the company's advanced and extensive telematics platform which is currently covers over 440,000 vehicles globally.

The system comprises three components: a Central Monitoring software, a set of field-monitoring devices and management reporting.

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It uses radio-frequency (RF) electronic equipment to accurately detect a person's presence in a premise.

Complementing RF with Global Positioning System (GPS), more intensive and intelligent monitoring can be done.

INTEGRATE is currently used by the Singapore Prison Service, a government agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs, to better integrate persons-of-interest back into society.

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