You can now use Vine, Instagram, MSQRD to shoot video profiles for Facebook

Facebook Video Profile
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At its annual f8 developer conference today, Facebook has announced that it is rolling out a tool that will allow third-party video apps to make video profiles for Facebook.

To recap, Facebook added video profile support late last year. Looping profile videos of up to seven seconds are supported. Sure beats that old static image. Profiles are apparently viewed 4 billion times a day, so creativity is certainly a plus if we were to try and ‘stand out.’ Videos add a new dimension to profiles.

So now, apps like Vine, Instagram’s Boomerang and Facebook’s own MSQRD will soon have buttons to let you send videos you capture directly over to Facebook. This will let you add looping videos to your profile.

Facebook is calling this new tool the ‘profile expression kit’ and it’s being made available to developers of camera apps. While it isn’t a huge feature, it will make adding a profile video easier with familiar photo- or video-sharing apps we already use on a daily basis.

Source: The Verge

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