Bantuan Prihatin Nasional: How to check if you qualify

Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package
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Announced last week, the people-centric MYR250 billion “Prihatin Rakyat” Economic Stimulus Package aims to cushion the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and designed to benefit all segments of society. One of the key highlights is the MYR10 billion cash relief Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) scheme that would impact 9 million households and individuals in the lower-income B40 and middle-income M40 groups.

Through BPN, household and individuals stand to receive up to MYR1,600 one-off payments, through the months of April and May.

Qualification for the B40 community is based on the database from the Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH).

For the M40 community specifically, qualification for the BPN scheme is through the Inland Revenue Board’s (IRB) taxpayer database as well as meeting the income criteria of the scheme. This is similar to how the e-Tunai Rakyat qualification was determined.

The cash handouts are as follows:

  • Household income of MYR4,000 and below (B40) – MYR1,600 (MYR1,000 + MYR600)
  • Household income of MYR4,001 to MYR8,000 – MYR1,000 (MYR500 + MYR500)
  • Individual (single) income of MYR2,000 and below (B40) – MYR800 (MYR500 + MYR300)
  • Individual (single) income of MYR2,001 to MYR4,000 (B40) – MYR500 (MYR250 + MYR250)

How is the cash relief distributed?

For the B40 BSH recipients, cash is credited into the bank account registered for the BSH programme. In event of a payment credit failure, payment will be made by cash via Bank Simpanan Nasional.

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Meanwhile, for the M40, the cash will be distributed via the bank account that is registered under IRB. If for some reason the bank account has changed or is no longer active, applications can update their banking information via

Payments are divided into two–the first in April and subsequently in May.

How to check your status

To check if you qualify for the scheme, you can head over to the IRB portal, Bantuan Sara Hidup and Ministry of Finance websites starting 1 April 2020.

If you are in the B40 group but have never registered for BSH or if you’ve never registered for income tax with IRB, you can also apply starting 1 April 2020, via the IRB website.

For new applications who are approved, a one-off payment will be made in May.

For more information, you can reach the Ministry of Finance at:

If you have more questions, you can refer to the official FAQ.

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