Astro is reorganising channel numbers, prioritising HD channels

Astro channel renumbering
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Come 1 April 2020, Astro’s 100 HD channels will be moved to higher positions to enable easier and quicker access. The move is to provide customers with a better viewing experience, Astro said.

An easy way to find the corresponding HD or SD channels is to look at the number of the HD channel and add 20 (+40 for Chinese channels). For example, Astro RIA HD will now be on Channel 104, while the SD version Astro RIA will now be at Channel 124 (104 + 20). Likewise, HBO HD will now be on Channel 411 whereas HBO will now be on Channel 431 (411 + 20).

To find the full channel numbers, you can WhatsApp “Hi” to +603-95433838 and choose the option for “New Channel Numbers.” Alternatively, you can refer to the website – or head to Channel 100 on your Astro Box.

Astro assures that the renumbering will not affect your viewing experience and you’ll be able to enjoy your scheduled recordings and recorded programmes uninterrupted.

However, you may need to reset your Favourite channels list to account for the rearranged channel positions.

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