Armless kid gets real Iron Man bionic arm from Robert Downey Jr.

Limbitless robotic arms
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I love Iron Man. And I love Tony Stark. But I think, the biggest superhero fan is probably Alex, a seven-year old boy who was born with a partially-developed arm. Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark, paid a special visit to Alex to deliver him a real 3D printed Iron Man bionic arm at no cost to the family. The uber cool exercise was done to raise awareness for kids without limbs, #BionicKids and the #CollectiveProject.

The #CollectiveProject is a collaboration with Microsoft and OneNote, and is all about crowdsourcing talent to bring great ideas to life.

The robotic arm was developed by Albert Manero, a #CollectiveProject student at University of Central Florida who founded Limbitless Solutions. Manero and the Limbitless team bring affordable 3D printed limbs to needy children.

Robert Downey Jr. of course was in his element, playing the part of Tony Stark to perfection. He even brought the arm in Stark Industries marked cases. Brilliant.

The look on Alex’s face… priceless.

When technology is used for the greater good, that’s when you go all fuzzy inside.

Follow the story of #BionicKids and other journeys of the #CollectiveProject.

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