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iflix continues to spread its wings. It took baby steps by holding hands with Digi back in September. And now it has partnered with Telekom Malaysia (“TM”) to bring its growing video streaming service to more consumers. The deal sees TM UniFi subscribers getting one-year’s worth of iflix subscription for free.

You may think that TM could be shooting themselves in the foot for ‘sleeping with the enemy’ but it all makes sense. TM’s own video on demand service – HyppTV, after all, is the fastest growing video streaming service in Malaysia.

Match-made in heaven?

But if you think about it, in terms of content, HyppTV and iflix offer different types of content and ultimately complements each other. HyppTV has the advantage of having live sports and free-to-air TV channels, while iflix remains focused on VOD.

For TM UniFi subscribers, this is surely a bonus.

The TM-iflix deal is quite unique. The subscription doesn’t need a login account. All UniFi subscribers need to do is to launch iflix on their preferred device while connected on their UniFi connection.

The streaming service will ‘tag’ itself to the device, giving access to all iflix content.

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iflix allows you to use its service on up to five devices, and two simultaneously.

Streamyx users, don’t feel too left out

If you’re a Streamyx customer, don’t feel too left out. At least not for long. TM is said to be working on bringing iflix to 4Mbps and 8Mbps Streamyx subscribers in the near future.

The collaboration is the first of its kind in the ASEAN region and I can’t wait to see iflix become ubiquitous across devices. It is no surprise that it is buddying up with telcos, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s offered as a value added service.

iflix has hit over 850,000 subscribers in less than six months since launching. It supports Android and iOS devices; Mac/PC notebooks and desktops; and TV sets. With the ‘Download and Watch Offline’ features, it’s becoming even more enticing.

If you haven’t tested the service, iflix offers a free 30-day trial with full access to iflix’s service, features and content. And no credit card or payment details required. When you’re ready to subscribe, it costs just RM10 per month or RM96 per year.

Hit and start binge-watching!

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