Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung GALAXY S III Compared

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The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are both out on the market and are the top two contenders when it comes to smartphones. Sorry, BlackBerry users. When the time comes to purchase a new phone, many narrow it down to those two choices. Since both are improved versions of past models, they feature some new specifications such as improved speed or larger screens but which one is the better phone? Here is a comparison between the two, without going into too much detail.


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iPhone 5
Apple has taken great pains to make the iPhone 5 as thin as they possible could, coming in at 7.6mm  and with a non-removable battery. The phone has also been altered to have a better feel despite its thinness. Its new back made of aluminum provides more traction than previous iPhones. However, there is an issue with the black version of the phone. Since the back is made of aluminum, scratches are easily etched and tend to be rather visible, revealing the silver aluminum underneath. The white one has less issues with that but some iPhone owners were still a bit irked.

The GALAXY S III comes in at 8.66 mm and still has a removable battery. It has an all-plastic finish which seems a bit uncharacteristic of a phone that you’d spend a considerable amount of money on, but they say the plastic is resilient. It boasts of a large screen (4.8 inches) which makes it significantly larger than the iPhone 5. One way to gauge if it is a size you are comfortable with is by getting access to one. Some may just find it far too large for their hands.

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iPhone 5
All versions of the iPhone have used the same 3.5 inches for screen size but with the latest one, they have gone up to 4 inches. However, they fashioned it in a way that does not make the phone much wider than the others, thus, making it just that easier for people to type in its touchscreen keyboard when they send text messages, dial the business phone numbers of their associates, or even call their friends.

The screen is a massive 4.8 inches with pixel density rivaling that of the iPhone 5. It has a Super AMOLED panel that gives it more vivid colors.

Eynos 4Operating system

iPhone 5
Apple’s iOS has always been pretty fast but has less flexibility as compared to Android and with iOS 6, it does not disappoint. One of the most talked about aspects, however, is the use of Apple’s very own Maps application which has been the object of internet humor since it came out.

The GALAXY S III uses Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as opposed to Jelly Bean, out of the box. It gives the user more control regarding how the phone looks, unlike that of iOS. It also uses Google Maps which works great since it is considered the most up-to-date and reliable.

Apple A6
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iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 has a 1GB RAM and is known to be twice as fast as the iPhone 4S thanks to the new Apple A6 dual-core processor rated at 1Ghz.

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The GALAXY S III also has a 1GB RAM but uses a Samsung-made 1.5Ghz quad-core chip called Exynos 4412.


iPhone 5
The iPhone did not make that much a change with its battery and will last for about 8 hours of talk time or 40 hours of video playback with 3G-enabled the entire time. Like its predecessors, you cannot remove the battery to swap it for one with power so once your battery is depleted, so is your use – until you find a charger, that is.

Samsung did a good job with the GALAXY S III’s battery, beating out its rivals by roughly 20%.

The Conclusion

These two monoliths are certainly the best smartphones that money can buy in the market right now, and to be honest, picking the ‘right’ one boils down to how the features and specs fit one’s own requirements and needs. Hopefully, the points highlighted and compared can make choosing your next best smartphone, an easier, more educated one.

Author: Monique Jones is an Engineer who deals with telephone systems. Monique graduated as a Cum Laude with a Degree in Civil and Communications Engineering. Besides being an Engineer, she also works as a part time Writer. She helps her colleagues and other people about their communication issues, giving effective solutions to address their needs. On her free time, she works on her fashion business, read books, and chat with friends. She also loves traveling and photography.


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