AMD Hardware Power Visual Computing Experiences at SIGGRAPH 2013

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At last month’s 40th SIGGRAPH 2013 International Conference and Exhibition, AMD showcases its portfolio of workstation hardware solutions, powering visual computing experiences for content creation with industry leaders Adobe, Autodesk, Christie, Dell and Optis.

AMD FirePro professional graphics demonstrations featured unique animation, display, simulation and other creative hardware and software  collaborations for attendees of the event.

Thanks to strong adoption of OpenCL, AMD FirePro graphics have gained momentum leading up to SIGGRAPH 2013, with highlights including:

  • Acknowledgment as the dual graphics solution for the upcoming Apple MacPro;
  • Optimisation and certification of Maxon Cinema 4D application;
  • Certification for The Foundry’s MARI application;
  • Optimisation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, backed by OpenCL standards

AMD ran demos of Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max 3D animation and visual effects software running on workstations powered y AMD FirePro graphics.

Visualisation software company, Christie presented the world’s first 4K 3-chip DLP Projector – the Christie D4K2560, running at 60Hz.

Dell and AMD showed the visual and graphics prowess of the Dell Precision T7600 tower workstation and Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation, powerful workstation solutions for creative pros.

AMD FirePro is AMD’s series of workstation graphics solutions covering computer aided design, professional content creation and visualisation.

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OpenCL is an open and royalty-free programming standard for general-purpose computations on heterogeneous systems, allowing programmers to preserve source code investment and easily target multi-core CPUs, GPUs and new APUs. It is a cross-vendor, non-proprietary solution for accelerating apps. AMD is an early supporter of OpenCL and is uniquely positioned in the industry to offer a complete acceleration platform for OpenCL.

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